Creating Silhouette Images for Wedding Stationery

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Silhouette images are a great way to customize your wedding. You can put a personalized spin on things, and it’s a bit different than the traditional monogram. I’m going to go through the basic steps of turning a photograph into a portrait outline that can be used throughout your wedding materials.

A quality photograph

First you’ll need to start out with a digital photo taken specifically for your silhouette. You want to capture an image with a very light-colored and bright background, and you want your figure to be in shadow. Basically, you’re looking to create a backlit picture. I achieved this by standing in front of a sunny window. Make sure the person is standing in profile, with strong lines for their eyes, nose, and mouth. I normally wear glasses, but I took them off so they wouldn’t interfere with the silhouette.


Make edits

After you have your pictures, you’ll need to upload them to your computer and pick the best ones. It will be easiest to edit your pictures in Photoshop, but you can also do it through an online photo editing site. I’ll go through the steps for each program now.

For Photoshop:

  1. Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. You need to unlock the background layer of your image. On the layers panel, you’ll see a thumbnail of your image with the words “background” and a small lock. Double click on the lock and hit “ok” when the New Layer menu comes up.
  3. Next, use the Quick Wand Tool to select your background and delete it. You’ll want to get rid of anything that is not the person’s head for the silhouette. You can also use the marquee tool to select areas and delete.
  4. Now you should have just the photograph of the person’s head. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the background, and then go to the select menu and choose inverse. Now you should have only your photo of the head selected.
  5. While the shape is still selected, you want to fill this in as black with either the paint bucket tool or the brush tool. If you use the brush tool, make your brush size nice and big so it only takes a second to color in.
  6. Now go to the select menu and hit deselect. At this point you can clean up any lines with the eraser or make adjustments to your silhouette.
  7. If you want your person to be facing a different direction, just go to the Image menu, and under Image rotation choose “Flip Canvas Horizontally.”


For PicMonkey:

If you do not have Photoshop, you can still make a nice silhouette! It will be even more important that you take a picture with a solid, light background and the person very dark.

  1. First upload your photo to PicMonkey at
  2. Go to the Basic edits menu and select Exposure. You will want to turn the brightness all the way down and turn highlights all the down. You will move the shadows all the way up and the contrast all the way up. If you are happy with the preview image, select apply.
  3. Use the crop tool to get in nice and close to your person and to eliminate any other spots in the background.
  4. Once you’re happy with your picture, select save at the top of the screen to download the photo to your computer.


Now that you have outlines of you and your fiancé, you can use the images on Save the Dates, invitations, menus, favors, and more.

I quickly created a menu card that used my two silhouette images at the top. It’s such a fun way to customize your wedding in a different and classy way.


About Lauren: I’m an adventurous and friendly red head living in upstate New York. While I have a background in Marketing and Communications, I am currently doing freelance writing and focusing on my own blog, The Thrifty Ginger. I love planning events and focusing on the little details, so stick around for fun projects. Follow me on Google.

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