Designing a Kids’ Table


So you’ve decided to invite kids to your wedding. (Insert the unsolicited eye roll from your Emily Post loving Aunt here.) While we can go back and forth about proper wedding guest protocol, the truth of the matter is: It’s YOUR day. So in effort to ease your nerves about having tiny people running around like animals in a zoo, we have a few tips and fabulously adorable ideas for chic and practical kid’s table décor.

Let’s call it what it is: these are kids. Not adults. So let’s treat them that way and give them what they want and respect their interests. We highly doubt they are looking for a lavish arrangement of spray roses and ranunculus. No. Their tastes are much more elementary than that. So save on the arrangement and just go with it. Let kids be kids and try as much as you can to provide them with enough activity to keep them entertained during the dinner portion and not enough overstimulation that they start throwing glitter in the air. Seriously, NO glitter.

Our first thought is to take your original tablescape and simply alter each element for the younger crowd. So that stunning sterling silver plate charger? How about a letterpress or cardstock custom placemat with their name on it ready for them to color and take home when the night is done? Want to really wow them? Try chalk board placemats.

Speaking of coloring…How adorable are these individual colored pencil bundles?


If you want to get really creative, you can even write a little something about the wedding theme and colors and challenge the kids to create their own design using only the select color of the day? Various shades of pink anyone? Who said kids weren’t just as obsessed with the ombre trend as you? Pay special attention to wrapping the bundles – we think raffia is perfect for a more natural, rustic setting or beautiful satin bows for a more traditional appeal. This is where form really meets function. The pencils become much more pleasing if they are at least tied together (and tied in!) with something that reflects the overall tone of the event.

Last but not least, a menu that pleases their tastes and allows them to create while eating is best. See if your venue can serves something like fries and chicken fingers or mini burgers and mini grilled cheeses for a longer dinner with more options that keep their culinary interests alive. We bet some of the parents will even sneak over to their table for a bite.


As for the rest? Use your own discretion based on the ages and needs of the kids. Stationary companies are chock full of great ideas like paper napkins customized in fun colors and even plastic drinkware that they can take home for later!

Our overall approach? When deciding to include a bevy of little ones, just embrace it and don’t be afraid to let your inner kid out on the biggest day of your life!


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