DIY Air Plant Boutonniere

For any bride that’s a little hesitant about making boutonnieres before her wedding, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Here’s a boutonniere that doubles not only as a favor but can be made 2 weeks before the wedding.


The material used in this boutonniere will stay fresh for quite some time, allowing air plants to be used well after the wedding with just a few squirts of water once a week.

Follow along with these instructions to save you time, stress, and have the groomsmen thank you for the cool man plant.

Supplies you’ll need:


1) Green floral tape (craft store)

2) Green floral wire (craft store)

3) Ribbon + hot glue gun (optional) I used a white lace ribbon from the craft store.

Flower product:

1) Dusty miller leaf (Purchase at florist shop or grocery store)

2) White dried tallow berries (save on

3) Air plant (


Step 1 Prep the stems, if you plan to give the plants as a gift keep the root intact on the plant. If you don’t intent to give the plant you can cut the root. Pull the dusty miller leaf off the plant.

To keep the air plant stable you’re going to wire it. Stick wire through the base of the plant and fold it down. Tape the wire with floral tape wrapping the floral tape around the wire and root.

(This technique can also be used with a small succulent too.)




Step 2 Gather the dusty miller, tallow berries and your wired air plant. Tape them all together with the green floral tape. You can tape the stems all the way down or you can show the stems. Estimate how long you want the boutonniere to be and cut off the extra wire and tape. It’s best not to cut the boutonniere’s too short.


Step 3 This step is optional. You can add the lace ribbon to cover the tape.  Using a hot glue gun put a dot of hot glue on the back of the boutonniere, start wrapping the ribbon at the bottom of the boutonniere. As you wrap up the boutonniere keep putting a dot of hot glue, this helps prevent the boutonniere from moving or unwrapping.

Step 4 Final step, add a boutonniere pin. These can also be found at the craft store. If you want to continue and make a matching bouquet, the boutonniere technique translates into a bouquet. You can wire air plants into your bouquet, add dusty miller leaf stems, tallow berries, and add flowers like roses or ranunculus. Relish in your flower making abilities and cross a giant task off your wedding to do list.


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