DIY VIP Table Name Cards

This table name card DIY idea is simple. It will be an easy project for any bride to take on, no matter what their crafting skill level is… or how much time they have prior to the big day.

stamped name card

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Brown folder: I like to use this kind mainly because of the color but you are free to use any type you want.
  • Plastic card: May it be your credit card, gym membership, gift card–just grab any card that’s inside your wallet and that will do.
  • Glue: Any adhesive material that is strong enough to hold beads.
  • Alphabet rubber stamps
  • Beads: Preferably tiny pearls but like I said, you are free to use any type you want.
  • Lace ribbon: Or just any type of ribbon you feel that can go with your theme.
  • Stamp pad
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

0- Materials copy

There can be a lot of substitutions for the materials I will be using. And so you can use different materials to get the specific look that you want. The one I will be doing is for a rustic wedding.

Step 1. Get your folder, pencil, and plastic card. Place your card on a horizontal position. Using your pencil, draw an outline of the card onto the folder. After doing so, draw another outline of the card right below the one you just made.

1- Outline copy

Step 2. Carefully cut out the outline. Make sure to smooth out the edges just like how credit cards look like to have a cleaner look.

2- Cut copy (1)

Step 3. Once the cutting is done, crease the middle part of the cutout. The card outline you just made can now stand on its own.

3- Crease copy

Step 4. Cut a small portion of your lace ribbon and then paste it onto the front part of your name card. It will look something like this.

4- Paste Ribbon copy

Step 5. Start stamping the name of your first guest. (Tips: Be sure to practice stamping on a scratch paper to see how it will look like; after pressing onto the stamp pad, lightly dab it on a scratch paper; also practice spacing of the letters.)

5- Stamp copy

Step 6. Get around three to five tiny pearls and glue it on top of the lace. I like to put it a little bit on the top left part but you can get creative and try it on different parts of the card.

6- Beads copy

And voila! You have just successfully made your handmade VIP table name card. Wasn’t that a breeze to do?

7- Final copy

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