DIY Wedding Invites in 5 Easy Steps

DIY Wedding Invites in 5 Easy Steps

So you want to have glamorous wedding invitations but don’t want to spend a fortune. And who has the time to hand cut hundreds of pieces to make their own? Well, here is a simple way to save time and money making your own DIY wedding invites.

burgundy diy wedding invites

You can buy all the individual pieces needed to put together beautiful pocket invitations. In just five steps you can be mailing completely unique wedding invitations that will set the stage for your big day. Only you will know how easy and inexpensive these invites actually were.

1. Pick a card style.

First choose a card base, the key ingredient that will bring your invitations to life. Check out one of many popular panel pocket invitation styles and other card invitation styles:

burgundy wedding invitation pieces


2. What’s your color scheme?

Now you are ready to select the color that matches best with your wedding theme! Here are 85+ colors to choose from in both matte and metallic. That’s enough to make it easy to find your perfect wedding colors. Even if you’re not sure about wedding colors yet, try out a handful of paper swatches for inspiration. Check out the paper color line here.

wedding invitation color swatches


Tip: Try a sample!

It’s best to make a sample mock-up of your invite before ordering everything. All computer monitors display colors a bit differently. So at the very least you’ll want to see your paper colors in person first to see how they fit with your color scheme. Free shipping comes standard with all of these samples.

3.  Add layers with a mat.

Use a mat to enhance your invitation with this added accent color layer. The mat can be “mounted” for you when purchased, or you can do that part yourself. A thin line of Zip Dry Glue around the edge of the mat and invitation works wonderfully. You’ll have a few seconds to straighten your mount before the glue dries.

wrapping invitation with bellyband

4. Print the invitation and inserts.

As shown in the picture above, you will need a card for your DIY wedding invites as well as insert cards for the RSVP, accommodations, directions, and any other information you might want to include here. Inserts are available in one standard size per pocket style, which can be cut to create a staircase effect as shown in the image below. Want an even easier way to print these cards? The Cards & Pockets® Print Shop can work with you to bring your invitation design to life!

wedding inserts in different sizes


Insert sizing suggestions for the Signature style pocket invitation:

typical wedding insert sizes chart

5. Choose your envelopes!

Now for the final step…on your marks, get set, go! Choose from over 105 envelope colors to complement your invitations. Every base card color has a matching envelope color available as well.

So just how many envelopes does your invitation need? One to three is typical. The A7 Sparkling Sapphire envelope mails the invitation. The Sorbet Yellow RSVP envelope returns the response (unless its being sent back as a postcard). The Snow White Outer A7.5 envelope can be used to protect the inner mailing envelope and be addressed in a more formal manner if you so choose.

wedding invitation envelope sizes

Congratulations, your DIY wedding invites are complete! This beauty was made for a thrifty $2.43 from the Cards & Pockets® Signature Pocket Invitation Kit.

This Invitation Recipe:

  • Snow White A7.5 outer envelope
  • Sparkling Sapphire A7 mailing envelope
  • Sorbet Yellow RSVP envelope
  • Burgundy Signature pocket invitation
  • Sorbet Yellow invitation mat
  • Snow White pre-cut invitation & inserts

This post was sponsored by Cards & Pockets®.

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