DIY Wrist Corsage

Diy wrist corsage

I’ve been a wedding planner and florist for nine years, and until a few years ago wrist corsages have been the bane of my floral career. Here were my two major dilemmas:

  1. How do I make a corsage that doesn’t look like an 80’s prom throwback? Answer: Use dainty flowers; spray roses and ranunculus are my go-to!
  2. How do I make said dainty corsage so it doesn’t fall apart the second the MOB starts flailing around on the dance floor? Answer: It’s all about the slap bracelet (yeah, you heard me right), tiny zip ties, and a hot glue gun.

This Flower Moxie Tutorial will change your life! You can use this technique for making wrist corsages with real or faux flowers (I always prefer real).


  • Slap bracelet corsage with adapter
  • Green stem tape
  • 2 tiny zip ties
  • 1/2-inch ribbon
  • 1 1/2-inch ribbon
  • Flowers and greens
  • Low-temp hot glue gun or professional floral glue*

*Personally, I don’t care for floral glue. I find it doesn’t set up quickly and it’s like working with honey. However, if you’re a floral purist, then I salute you!

Step 1

Start the party by making two small boutonnieres, wrapping them with stem tape. Keep stems long, you will trim up later!

DIY wrist corsage

Step 2

Scooch the boutonnieres close together, wrapping and tightening them down with a small zip tie. This is where the long stems come in handy: use them to pull the buds together!

DIY wrist corsage

Step 3

Once zip is fully tightened, go ahead and trim off the excess tie and stems.

DIY wrist corsage

Step 4

Use your second zip tie to secure the tied flowers to the plastic adapter. Then, use your 1/2-inch ribbon to hide your zip ties.

DIY wrist corsage

DIY wrist corsage

Step 5

Apply hot glue or floral glue to the center of your ribbon and throw in a pretty center bud! Make your way around the floral piece and continue to glue in little bits of greenery and flowers until you’ve hidden your mechanics.

DIY wrist corsage

DIY wrist corsage

Step 6

Since I know the wedding you’ve been dreaming of does not include a slap bracelet, you will hide this with a 1 1/2-inch ribbon. But trust me, you will love the way the slap bracelet refuses to slide around even on the smallest of wrists!

DIY wrist corsage

DIY wrist corsage

YOU’RE DONE! Great job, now dance the night way!

DIY wrist corsage

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