How to Make Your Own Adorable Wedding Ring Pillow

Wedding Ring Pillow

You heard it right. You can make your own wedding ring pillow for your big day. I’m so excited about this project because I really feel it’s something that takes minimal effort but produces grand results. I kept mine pretty simple, and it still turned out neat! You could add so much to it, and you can also use a different fabric. I know felt might not be everyone’s cup o’ tea. I like it, but there’s nothing wrong with using a different fabric.

Even if you do use slightly different materials, the basic format will be the same. The process is pretty dang simple if I do say so myself. Well, you’ll see anyway!


  • Scissors
  • Large felt sheet (or other fabric if you wish)
  • Thick ribbon
  • Skinny ribbon
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Glue gun
  • Tassels
  • Paper clip

Step 1: Cut Fabric

Take your large felt piece and cut it in half. If you’re using other fabric, cut two equal pieces, measuring whatever size seems good to you. Just be sure to measure slightly larger than you want in the end; some fabric will be used up in the attachment process.

Ring Pillow

Step 2: Line up Your Fabric and Glue

Lay the two pieces on top of each other, and glue together three of the sides. Don’t worry about it looking like a flat sheet of paper and not like a pillow at all. We will fix this in the next step.

Step 3: Turn It Inside Out and Stuff

After your glue dries, carefully reach inside the two pieces of fabric and pull to turn the piece inside out. Stuff the inside with lots of the pillow stuffing.

Step 4: Close up the Pillow

Begin closing up the last open side by gently folding one corner in on itself and gluing it together. This is a little tricky because, unlike the other sides, you have to manually glue the seam on the inside of the pillow. Like I said— tricky. Just be patient, glue in sections, and make sure your glue has dried completely before you try to move on.

Ring Pillow

Step 5: Cut Slits and Thread Thick Ribbon

Now that you have something pillow-like, cut two small slits about an inch apart in the top/middle of your pillow. Cut a length of your thick ribbon and thread it through the slits you just made.

Ring Pillow

Step 6: Poke Holes and Thread Skinny Ribbon

Cut a hole in each side of a corner. Use your paper clip if you need it.

String your skinny ribbon through the two holes you made in your corner. Again, use your paper clip to help guide the ribbon through if you need to.

Wedding Ring Pillow

Step 7: Add a Tassel

Next, thread both ends of your skinny ribbon through the top of your tassel and pull through. Tie your skinny ribbon in a nice little bow, allowing the tassel to hang down below it.

Step 8: Repeat Steps for Remaining Corners and Finish

Repeat steps 9 through 12 for the remaining three corners. Then, (when you’re ready to walk down the isle) thread your rings through the thick ribbon on the top of the pillow and tie a bow.

Wedding Ring Pillow

I hope your wedding ring pillow turned out as cute as mine did.

Also, just a little tip, if your ring bearer is young, you might want to add a ribbon underneath in order to tie it to his or her arm. That way your wedding ring pillow doesn’t accidentally get launched across your venue and into a pond or a guest’s face or something. Other than that, add your own embellishments—maybe some bling or embroidered initials—and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

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