Dressing Up Ikea’s Tolsby Frames

Ikea Frame

I don’t know about you, but those white Ikea Tolsby frames are my favorite! Not only do they go so well for any theme and any party, it is also less than a dollar! What I also like about it is that even though it’s just plastic, it’s also sturdy too.

Here is an easy tutorial to dress up these frames for use in a countless situations for your wedding.

Here are the materials you need:

  • Tolsby Frame: These are available at any Ikea store.
  • Fabric Sticker: I was able to get these floral fabric sticker at an online store. You can try getting over at Michael’s but I’m not quite sure if they sell those there. You can also use washi tapes as substitute for this.
  • Jute String: I like to use this material as it gives off that rustic and shabby chic kind of vibe but you can use whatever string you want. Preferably a thin one.
  • Ribbon: Any ribbon you think that will look good with your string. This has to be thicker than the aforementioned and also has a striking color difference so that it will stand out.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Get creative! I’m most definitely sure you can find scrap materials around your place. As long as you have an eye for creativity, beads, buttons, cloth–anything will do!


Step 1: Get your sticker, pencil, and scissors. Now, the pencil is optional. If it’s difficult for you to cut straight, you might need to use a pencil to draw a straight line on the flip side of the fabric sticker. Measure about an inch wide, then cut a strip of the sticker.


It will look something like this.


Step 2: Carefully stick the strip onto the frame. Then repeat step 1 to fill in the white spaces.


Do it on both front and back of the frame but leave the bottom part be as it will be wrapped up in ribbon later.


Step 3: Get your jute string then start rolling it onto the frame. I used excess sticker from the strips to stick the string onto the frame but I suggest you use double sided tape to carefully put the string in place.


I decided not to fill the entire bottom part of the frame with string as it would look to heavy. This is the almost finished product.


Step 4: Get your choice of ribbon, then simply cut and tie a ribbon around the bottom of the frame.


And tada! Our finished product that will make a perfect wedding souvenir, centerpiece design, or even a food/dessert label for your shower or wedding.

DIY-IkeaTolsby-Frames-09 (1)

DISCLAIMER: I like to think that I’ve got expertise on the arts and crafts side of life but my biggest frustration would have to be tying a good looking ribbon. Hence the poor ribbon above. So be sure to brush up on your ribbon-tying skills before doing this DIY project. Have fun!

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