Embroidery Hoop Table Numbers

wedding bee embroidery hoop table number

Table numbers are one of those small details that can make a big impact in planning your reception table decorations. These embroidered table numbers are a little bit different from the norm, and are great for vintage weddings, morning receptions, or any other wedding looking to show off crafting stitching skills.

First you’ll have to decide how big you want to make each one. I decided to go with a 4 inch hoop, but really anything would work. I purchased a plain wood hoop from my local craft store. If you want, it’s really simple to paint the wooden hoop with acrylic. I decided to leave mine natural.

the hoop

Next, I designed my numbers. You want something that will be easy to embroider and something that will be legible in thread. I used the font Cooperplate since it was nice and bold and had interesting serifs.

For my fabric, I used an off-white muslin. Any fabric will do, including prints or vintage fabric finds. Just be mindful of your embroidery thread color to ensure guests can see your stitching on top.

At this point, I had my piece of fabric and a printout of the number. To transfer the outline of my number onto the fabric, I first taped the letter page up to a sunny window. I then centered my fabric over top and also taped that down. The light shining through the window made a basic light board and I could see the number outline through my fabric. I used a pencil to trace the outline on my fabric. I love transferring outlines onto fabric this way because it’s fast, easy, and guarantees you’ll have even lettering.


Now that you have your outline, put your fabric into the embroidery hoop and get stitching! I decided to go with a vibrant blue color of embroidery floss and used a Satin stitch throughout my entire letter. It didn’t take me too long to fill in the entire thing.


Once your letter is completely stitched, it’s time to finish the project. Trim excess fabric around your hoop, leaving about a half inch. We’ll be folding the excess down, using hot glue on the inside back edge of your hoop. Just press the fabric into the glue, doing your best to keep all the fabric folds down. From the front this project looks much better, but the back is still a mess.

To cover up the back of the embroidery hoop, we’ll be using felt. I placed my hoop down and traced a circle to cut out. Then I glued down the circle on the back of the hoop, attaching one side at a time.


Now your hoop is finished! There are a lot of ways to customize these embroidery hoop table numbers. You can change any of the colors or the font and size. I also think it would look fun if the word “table” was stitched next to the number.

Regardless of how you finish your hoop, these table numbers are fun and different. They’ll definitely add a unique element to your reception tables.

About Lauren: I’m an adventurous and friendly red head living in upstate New York. While I have a background in Marketing and Communications, I am currently doing freelance writing and focusing on my own blog, The Thrifty Ginger. I love planning events and focusing on the little details, so stick around for fun projects. Follow me on Google.

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