Five Ideas for Using Bottles as Vases

Decorating bottles as vases is easy and fun. Keep reading to get tutorials on some unique ideas.


You are getting married and you want to do things your way. You want to make the décor unique and you don’t want to spend a ton. One of the ways in which you can add a very distinct touch to your wedding is by using bottle vases. Bottle vases not only save you lot of money but you can also have lot of fun by doing these up with friends prior to the wedding. You can fit them in various themes, and you can feel proud of the fact that you have done your bit for the environment. Let us look at five very simple ideas.

1. A Shell Bottle for a Beach Wedding

You will need:
Glass Bottles
Industrial strength glue or aquarium glue


Clean the bottle well. Dry it thoroughly and rub it with a cotton cloth until it squeaks. Apply glue over the area you want to decorate with sand. Sprinkle sand over the glued area. Keep sprinkling with one hand and rotating the bottle with the other so that you cover the entire area you want with sand. You can do this with a friend. Now take the shell. It is difficult to stick shells just like that on a bottle so first make balls of newspaper in your hands so that you can stuff it into the back of shell. Apply glue on the inside part of the shell and stuff the newspaper balls there. Now, apply glue on the bottle wherever you want to stick the shells and just press them on. The paper inside the shells will easily stick to the bottle. Keep holding for a few seconds. If you have sand all over the bottle, just make a little space for the shells by pushing the sand with your fingers before the glue is dry. After you finish a bottle, just continue the fun work. You don’t have to keep the designs all the same.

2. Twine Bottles for a Barn Wedding

You will need:
Narrow mouth glass bottles
Twine or wool (try waxed twine available online.)
Industrial strength glue or glue gun (you don’t need glue if you are using the waxed twine)
Clear polish (optional)


A barn wedding or any rustic themed wedding will really brighten up with twine bottles. You can start from the top or the bottom. I prefer to start from the top and move on to the bottom. Tie a knot with the end of the twine at the mouth of the bottle. Apply 3-5 dots of glue and keep twining round and round. This has to be done carefully so that there is no overlapping and it looks neat. You have to keep pushing it up so that no gaps show as you work because you can’t press it all at ‘one go’ at the end! Add drops of glue every few inches and keep going round. I  did it with one thread but you can add as many colors and different threads as you wish. Just add extra glue where you want to add the new color. Keep smoothing the glue that might have come up on top of the twine. It will get clear when it dries but you don’t want to leave lumps. At the bottom, just tie a neat knot and tuck the excess twine underneath. The next day, you might want to apply a coat or two or clear polish for a better finish as well as permanency, but this is entirely your choice. You can even add floral embellishments or beads on top of the twine. Spelling ‘LOVE’ on four different twine bottles is a neat touch as well.

3. Gold Bottle

You will need:
Glass bottles of all sizes and shapes
Gold spray paint
Spray glue

Clean the bottles well. Spray them with the gold paint. Just stand all of them with a lot of space in between and you can move around spraying every bit well. Be sure to cover the area well with newspapers first. Let the bottles dry. If you want glitter on top, spray a gold painted bottle with spray glue. Sprinkle the glitter on top well and let the excess fall off. This is one of the easiest ways of decorating bottles. For a gold and champagne theme, you can either spread these bottles around with sprigs of flowers on the tables or bunch them in groups using different shapes and sizes, glitter and non-glitter.

4. Skirted bottles for an Indian theme wedding

You will need:
Long bottles or Pringles tubes
Bright Indian fabric
Golden lace
Any glittery beads, small bells, etc.


Cut a piece of cloth in a rectangle that is a little longer than the bottle and about three times the mouth of the bottle in width. Fold the bottom and either stick it in or hem it. The top hem should have a gap though which a thread or silk ribbon can go through. Stick gold lace on the tops and bottoms, and in between too, if you want. Stick on beads. Thread a silk lace through the top hem and tie this ‘skirt’ round the mouth of the bottle. Put long peacock feathers in the bottles for additional effect.

5. Decoupage bottles for a garden wedding

You will need:
Glass Bottles
Preferably white acrylic paint (or spray paint)
Cut-outs of pictures
Clear paint


Cover the bottles with paint thoroughly or spray them. Let the paint dry. Stick beautiful and well cut out pictures of flowers or any other pictures you may like. Once dry, paint over entire bottle with two coats of clear paint. For a vintage look, you can also add a coat of crackle effect glue (available in most craft stores). Your decoupage bottles are done! Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

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