Five Photos to Take at Your Winter Wedding

A bride and groom kissing in the snow surrounded by lights.

There’s something so breathtaking about a snowy photo shoot. The wintry landscape makes colors (like the ones in your bouquet) really pop. The sun reflecting off the snow makes for great lighting. Depending on the time of year, your venue might be decorated for the holidays, and those twinkly lights add a magical feeling to every photo.

Basically, if you’re getting married in the winter, you can almost guarantee that your photos will be GORGEOUS. But how can you take your wedding pics to the next level? By staging a few adorable, winter-inspired shots. Not sure where to start? Here are a few photos you won’t want to forget during your shoot.

1. Delightful Décor

You and your partner probably put a lot of time into finding the perfect decorations for your wedding day. And, as I mentioned, your wedding venue might be extra decorated for the holidays during the winter months. With so much beautiful décor all around you, why not make use of it for some ultra-festive wedding photos?

Is there a gorgeous Christmas tree in your venue’s lobby? See if you can take a moment to get a shot in front of it. Is the venue fully decked out in exterior lights? A few evening photos with that twinkling in the background can make for a stunning image. Take advantage of all the beauty around you. After all, you are getting married in “the most wonderful time of the year!”

2. The Blanket Wrap

A bride and groom walking in a field at their winter wedding with a blanket covering their shoulders.

We all know that winter is “snuggling season” (i.e., the best time of year to grab a cozy blanket and snuggle up with your sweetheart). And although those cuddle sessions are usually reserved for an evening of Netflix on the living room couch, you can include it in your wedding photos, too.

Bring one of your favorite blankets with you to the shoot—a colorful quilt, a thick Sherpa blanket, whatever you want—and use it as a prop. Drape it over both your shoulders when you sit down. Wrap yourselves up as you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes! The end result will be totally adorable, and you’ll be able to keep warm from one shot to the next.

3. The Playful Puppy Photo

Fun fact: nothing in this world can warm your heart faster than watching a dog play in the snow. They’re just so cute, and they’re always having so much fun! If you have a dog taking part in your special day, your wedding photo shoot is the perfect time to let them enjoy the powdery winter weather.

Bringing your dog out to play in the snow serves a few different purposes. Firstly, it makes for some adorable photos that you will cherish for years to come. Secondly, watching your furry friend enjoy himself will put a big smile on your face—which makes for even better photos! Finally, giving your dog time to get out some energy will prevent him from getting too antsy during the festivities.

Don’t have a dog in your wedding? Good news: everything I wrote also applies to your flower girls or ring bearers! But whether you spend time playing with your pup or with the kids in your life, loosening up and enjoying the snow with a little one is a great way to get some beautiful photos.

4. Blow a (Snowy) Kiss

Photos in which a couple throws something toward the camera are always a lot of fun. Whether they are blowing bubbles, tossing glitter in the air, or opening a bottle of champagne, this action shot always brings a carefree and joyful energy to the photo shoot. And if you’re having a winter wedding, you can give this concept a little seasonal spin by blowing a kiss with a fistful of snow!

Obviously, this photo will require a little extra planning for you, your partner, and the photographer. Make sure you practice before whipping out the camera (those things are expensive!) and make sure everyone is OK with the mini snowstorm you’re about to create. As long as everyone’s on board and knows what to do, the result will be one memorable photo!

5. The Smooch in the Snow

A bride and groom kissing in the snow at their winter wedding.

Finally, everyone knows that a kissing photo is an absolute necessity at a wedding. This is true whether your wedding is in the middle of July or the beginning of January—but if your wedding is in the winter, there’s one other necessity to keep in mind. You simply have to get a photo of you kissing out in the snow!

Even if you weren’t planning to brave the cold on your wedding day, even if all your other photos were taken indoors, this is the one shot where you really should step out into that winter wonderland. Two people in love, standing in the midst of a snowy landscape, always makes for a breathtaking photo—and if the snow happens to be falling, it’ll look like something out of a fairy tale! This is the one photo you absolutely MUST get during your winter wedding shoot; it’s bound to be the photo you cherish most of all.

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