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Adorning each place setting with fresh flowers is a handmade touch that honors each guest at just about any gathering. Whether it’s an intimate Sunday dinner, an ultra feminine bridal shower or a romantic spring wedding, floral napkin rings are easy to assemble and provide endless possibilities to incorporate the colors and textures of your occasion. Fresh flower napkin rings can also double as your favor, a beautiful little reminder for guests to take home.

Blue Jar Events

Craft rings
Floral tape
Fresh flowers – We used Perfumela Peach Spray Garden Roses as the focal flower. While just about any choice of blooms works with this project, we recommend a round head variety as the focal flower and filler or greenery with tiny blooms or sprays to complement it.


Using garden roses, this project costs around $5.00 per napkin ring. That cost can be lowered significantly by using less expensive blooms or greenery.

Plan on an hour to get set up and establish your design pattern and then about 5 minutes per napkin ring depending on how elaborate you go.

Hydrate the flowers for a minimum of four hours before working with them. Before placing them in a clean bucket of cool water, trim the stems with a sharp knife.

Organize your blooms by large, medium and small so that it’s easy to choose the appropriate size as you design your rings.


1. Prepare the flowers by removing extra leaves and cut stems, at an angle, to 2-3 inches in length.
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2. Holding a ring in one hand, attach the first flower by wrapping the floral tape around the stem. Choose a larger, round bloom to anchor your design.
Blue Jar Events

3. Continue adding flowers, one to two more large and then medium to small blooms, wrapping the floral tape as you go, adding in greenery or sprigs of smaller flowers between bigger blooms, to achieve the look you’re going for.
Blue Jar Events

Blue Jar Events

4. Mist the flowers and store them in cool room for up to 4 hours before setting them out.

5. Slide a napkin through the ring, and add to your place setting. And you’re ready for guests!
Blue Jar Events

Expert tips from Blue Jar Events:
1. Separate blooms into three piles (small, medium and large) so it’s easy to select the right blossom size as you design and attach to the ring.

2. Customize your choice of flowers to fit the look and color scheme of your event. Wildflowers offset a summer place setting, while aromatic herbs could accent a spring table.

Special thanks to Ashley and Kelsie at Blue Jar Events for bringing this project to life. Blue Jar Events is a Boston Wedding Planning company that loves to find unexpected ways to style table arrangements and place settings.

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Photography: Lara Kimmerer

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