Hanging Flower Balls

Hanging flower ball

Honestly, so many people would love to have fancy flower arrangements at their events, but don’t have the cash. They also don’t dream of doing these arrangements themselves, as they’re harder than they look. Take for instance hanging flower balls. You’ve seen them; they’re the Martha Stewart looking things with flowers all arranged and hanging by pretty ribbon. People don’t attempt these because they’re way too hard. Right? Wrong! They are not hard if you know what to do and have the right materials!

Speaking of materials, you will need a flower foam ball for this. Not just any foam ball; one that will be conducive to keeping live flowers. Other than that, you won’t need anything more than just a few things from the craft aisle and your favorite flowers. Let’s get started.


  • Flower foam ball
  • Garden shears
  • Fresh flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon
  • Floral tape (optional)

Step 1

Wet your foam ball thoroughly to give your live flowers some water to stay fresh.

Step 2

Using a pair of garden shears, trim all of your flower stems to a short length. You want to leave only the head of the flower and a small bit of stem.

Flower ball supplies

Step 3

Uncoil a length of floral wire from the spool and begin by sticking one end into the base of the flower head.


Step 4

Now that the wire is attached, begin wrapping around the bit of stem you left behind. After you’ve gone along the whole length, leave about three inches and then cut the wire with wire cutters.

Flower with wire

Flower and wire

Step 5

Take the excess three inches and begin wrapping it back up the stem, leaving a small bit at the bottom. This should form a little loop that will help you poke through into the foam and keep the flower stable.

Flower wrapped in wire

Step 6

Find a spot on your foam ball where you want to start, probably near the top, and stick your flower in. Push it all the way down until the head meets the surface.

Flower ball

Step 7

Repeat steps two through six to continue covering the entire surface of your flower ball.

Flower ball

Step 8

Before you finish completely, prep for your ribbon by poking a small hole through the foam ball for your ribbon to hang it.

Flower ball hole

Step 9

Create a loop with a small piece of ribbon and join the ends. Then, poke a length of floral wire through both of the ends.

Ribbon wire

Step 10

Leave enough extra floral wire on both sides of the ribbon that you will still have enough to go completely through the foam ball using your hole from earlier. Then, twist both pieces a time or two around the end of the ribbon, allowing the rest of the excess to hang off the end.

Ribbon wire

Step 11

Now, stick your ribbon through one side of the foam ball to the other and twist the end to secure it.

Hanging flower ball

Step 12

Finish filling out your flower ball with the rest of your blooms until the surface is covered.

DIY flower ball

Now all that’s left is to hang it! Make sure you store these decorations gently if you’re going to do them before your event, but try to do them as close to go-time as possible. The water soaked up by the foam ball will tide the flowers over for a while, but since they are live, they will wilt eventually. Also, be really careful with the flowers when putting them in. Some of my flowers fell apart when I really manhandled them. Just gently wrap the wire and try not to get frustrated. The ball will be all filled in and looking beautiful before you know it. Mix and match colors and flowers and coordinate which blossoms will go where to get something that looks truly amazing. You can also add in some special accessories like beads or broaches, especially if you don’t feel like taking the time to fill the whole thing with flowers.

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