Heavenly Headpiece for Your Hectic Day

The dress is all fitted, the floor plan for the hall is in order, hair and makeup appointments are set; but something is missing – and it’s your accessories.


This step by step guide will show you an easy and creative way to create a beautiful headpiece that will balance out and go with any look the bride chooses. It won’t overdo your appearance and will add that extra sparkle and glam to make sure all eyes are on you. This is also a good idea for your girls in your bridal party!

Materials needed:


Step 1: Begin to heat up your hot glue gun by plugging it in to a nearby outlet. If you are deciding to use crazy glue instead make sure you set aside water and towels for any mess. Warm water mixed with hair conditioner works great when trying to rinse crazy glue or anything sticky off of you.

wedding bee 1

Step 2: Once you have set up your area, and your glue gun is all heated up begin gluing the craft diamonds or jewelry  onto the plain headband. Start from the middle first and work your way to one side at a time.

Step 3: Continue gluing each piece very carefully from the middle and work your way down to the end of each side on the headband. As you are gluing if any extra glue glops onto your headpiece simply wipe down the extra with the warm water and hair conditioner solution.

Step 4: Once you have finished gluing all of the pieces down, gently press on all of your craft jewelry to make sure each piece is secure.

wedding bee 2

Step 5: Set aside an area to allow your headpiece to dry overnight. I recommend allowing your headpiece to dry on a surface that is safe to use on heat, such as a regular dinner plate that is non-plastic nor paper.

wedding bee 3

Step 6: The next day slightly press down all of your craft jewelry again to make sure each piece is secured and dry on your headpiece.

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