Here Comes the Bride Banner

This “Here Comes the Bride” banner is the perfect way to include children in your ceremony and let your guests know that it’s officially show time!


It’s always nice (and adorable!) to include children in a wedding ceremony. Beyond the usual jobs of carrying rings and dropping flower petals, you can also use tykes to announce your arrival.

For this project, I primarily used gray fabric, a wooden dowel, fabric paint, and string. I sewed with a sewing machine, but you could also hand sew or improvise with another technique.

First I cut the shape of my banner. I made my banner double sided, so I needed two pieces of fabric – one for the front and one for the back of my shape. I started out with rectangles that were 23 inches tall and 11 inches wide. Then I folded my fabric pieces in half and cut a point at the bottom in a 45-degree angle. When determining the size and shape of your banner, consider the size of the child or children who will be carrying it. You don’t want it to overwhelm your special little wedding guest.


Next I put my two pieces of fabric face-to-face and stitched around the edges. I left the top edge open so that when I finished sewing, I could flip my banner right side out. Your seams will be hidden on the inside and you’ll have a nice even edge this way. Make sure you poke out the corners with a pen or skewer, and then iron your banner flat again.

For the last bit of sewing, you want to create a loop on the back so that this banner will hand on a dowel. Fold over your fabric about an inch or two and just sew straight across to create a little pocket for your banner to hang from. At this point, your fabric is all sewn.

Now you need to apply your design on the front of the banner. I designed a vertical “Here Comes the Bride” message in a script font and printed it out. To transfer the design onto the fabric, I chalked up the back of the sheet of paper that had my design. I only had yellow chalk, but white would be better. Just scribble all over it until the back side is completely covered where your letters sit. Place the sheet of paper on top of your banner where you’d like the text to go. Then use a mechanical pencil without lead showing to trace over your lettering. This will transfer a slight outline of your lettering onto the fabric front of the banner.


Now that I had an outline guide, I used white fabric paint and a detail brush to paint on my letters. Take your time to create even, attractive lettering.

Once your paint is completely dry, you can use a wet paper towel to gently blot the front of your banner. This will remove any chalk residue without smudging the paint.

To hang my banner, I used a wooden dowel. It was cut down in length already, so I moved on to making holes for my string. I used a power drill and put two small holes on either end of my dowel.

To complete the project, I put my banner on the dowel and threaded embroidery floss through the holes, trying the string to create a loop. If you want to use thicker string or ribbon, you’ll probably just need to tie it around the dowel instead of threading it through. A dab of glue would make sure the string doesn’t slip right off the dowel.


I think this banner is completely charming and a great way to involve young guests of honor. It would be especially perfect for shy little guys and gals who don’t want to perform tasks.

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