How Instagram Can Help Plan Your Wedding

A young woman using Instagram on her phone to plan her wedding.

How much do we love Instagram? Let us count the ways. Not only is it a great time waster when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office (or, let’s be honest, when you’re in bed and don’t feel much like getting up yet), but it’s also a great tool for your wedding planning. In addition to Pinterest—the holy grail of wedding plans and inspiration—Instagram is a great platform to search for vendors, get ideas for wedding flowers, and generally get a good vision of what you’d like your wedding to look like. But using Instagram as a wedding planning tool is so much more than just scrolling aimlessly. Here are some creative ways to use Instagram to help plan your wedding.

1. Save Wedding-Related Photos that Inspire You

A bride and groom at their wedding holding sparklers.

Long gone are the days of clipping out inspirational photos from magazines (although, we’re still fans of doing that if it works best for you), and now it’s all about saving things digitally. Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or you and your mom are tag-teaming a DIY wedding, Instagram is a great tool to use so that you can save photos that speak to you and that you’d like to copycat for your own wedding if possible.

All you need to do to save inspiring photos for your dream wedding is to hit the little ribbon on the right side of the Instagram photo. (You can even create boards much like Pinterest to categorize your saved photos!) When you want to access all of your saved photos, tap on the three lines on the upper right hand side of your profile to display your menu of options. Then, click on “saved.” No more frantically scrolling through when you’re trying to show your maid of honor that flower bouquet that you loved!

2. Use the Search Functions to Find Local Vendors

When you’re in the wedding industry, you really can’t afford not to be on Instagram to show off your services to couples in your local area. A vendor’s Instagram account can show and tell you so much more than their website or even their Facebook page—because it’s all about the visuals.

Find local vendors on Instagram by searching via location or hashtag (example: #austinweddingphotographer or #losangelesflorist) and take note of which accounts seem to be updating the most, and which ones appeal to you the most stylistically. Once you have a substantial list of the vendors that you’re most interested in, set up a phone call to talk availability or to meet in person to look over contracts. You can also DM many vendor accounts right through Instagram, and if they actively post, then you’re likely to get a rapid response.

3. Figure out What You Like

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The old trope goes that women have had their weddings planned out since we were nine years old—but that’s not exactly true for all of us (plus, we don’t think that the Backstreet Boys can be booked for the wedding band on such short notice).

If you have absolutely no idea what kind of wedding you’d like to have, looking through Instagram is a good way to get started. Find yourself gravitating towards flower crowns, bare feet weddings, and backyard receptions? You may want to have a more intimate, bohemian celebration instead of a grand ceremony in an event space. Can’t get enough of looking at weddings with the ocean in the background? Maybe jet setting to a destination wedding instead of getting married locally is the best option for you and your future spouse.

Scrolling through Instagram can give you some much-needed inspiration and help you put forward a plan that will guide you along these next few months.

4. Figure out What You Don’t Like

Just as Instagram can be a tool in helping you figure out what you love, it can also be a great way to figure out what you hate—an important thing to know as you’re planning the biggest event of your life. What kinds of things make you cringe? Is it flower crowns? Is it cheesy engagement photos? Whatever it is, you can avoid it thanks to Instagram photos that make you go “No, thanks.”

5. Get Helpful Planning Tips from the Pros or Instagram Influencers

As you’re planning things out, you’re likely getting all sorts of advice (some of it, albeit, unwanted) from friends and family, but when you’re actually searching to get some good tips, look no further than Instagram. Wedding brands and influencer accounts in the wedding industry post tips, tricks, and advice posts that can be invaluable to brides and grooms who are counting down the days until they tie the knot.

Whether you follow @apracticalwedding or @brides, you’re bound to get plenty of ideas, noteworthy knowledge from those who spend their entire careers thinking about weddings, or dreamy inspiration from beautiful wedding photos they share.

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