How to Be Your Own Wedding Planner with Zola

A woman planning her wedding with the Zola website.

Anyone who’s ever seen the early 2000s rom-com The Wedding Planner knows how valuable a wedding planner can be to the whole operation. Not only can a wedding planner plot out a mean seating chart, but they can help keep track of your guest list, take care of your wedding invitations, and be prepared with a breath mint at any moment. Unfortunately, not all of us have the budget to hire a wedding planner to help handle all those inevitable highs and lows of wedding planning (and oh, will there ever be those!). However, just because you don’t have the room in your budget for a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you’ll have to settle for anything less than spectacular—or that you’ll be stressed out to the max. Zola, a company that is reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience, has all of the tools you need to take on the role of wedding planner. And the best part? A lot of it is our favorite word in wedding planning: FREE.

All of Zola’s tools are easily managed in one place, conveniently on their website or on their app, and they’re easy to use. Let’s learn more about how Zola can help you plan your best wedding—without having to sacrifice quality, time, or money.

Create Your Wedding Website (For Free!)

A laptop with a wedding website made by Zola on the screen.

One of the rules of modern wedding planning is, of course, having a fabulous looking website where all of your guests can find important information about the event, such as travel and lodging details for out-of-town-ers. Zola has hundreds of beautiful designs for wedding websites and they’re very easy to set up (perfect for those of us who wouldn’t exactly call ourselves coders). You can customize your favorite design with all of your wedding details, photos, and adorable stories about you two lovebirds. You can even enable online RSVPs to make your wedding planning life even easier. Lastly, Zola’s wedding website also integrates with Zola Registry, so guests can get all your wedding details, RSVP, and buy you a wedding gift all in one place.

Manage Your Guest List

One of Zola’s most innovative and best features is its ability to not only manage your guest list, but also to create it. No longer will you have to painstakingly go through your mom’s old Rolodex or call and text your relatives for their addresses, only to have to build a giant Excel spreadsheet with all of the information. All you need to do is choose who you’re inviting, and then Zola can do the following:

  • Collect addresses by sending a link to guests via email or text
  • Add contacts from your phone’s address book
  • Upload a spreadsheet you’ve already started
  • Create a joint Zola account for your spouse-to-be so you can perfect your list together

It’s really that easy. Once your guest list has been completed, you can easily track RSVPs, which can help you stay on top of meal preferences, plus-ones, song requests, and more. This guest list manager also has the capability to contact all of your guests to remind them to RSVP, give them info about lodging, and share links to photos after the wedding is over.

Order Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations

A coordinated Zola wedding website and invites.

One of the biggest chunks of time you’ll need to carve out for your wedding planning is designing, ordering, and addressing save the dates and wedding invitations. Thanks to Zola, it’s easier than ever to send out your save the dates and wedding invitations. In fact, you’ll barely have to lift a finger.

Zola has over 150 beautiful designs for save the dates, invitations, and RSVP cards, all of which have a matching wedding website—so your guests will see a themed design throughout. On the invitations and save the dates you have the option to personalize language, upload photos, and print on the back as well as customization options for paper types, corner styles, foil, and more. The cost for a save the date starts at just $1.35, and the cost of an invitation starts at just $1.99, which is super affordable and can fit well within most wedding budgets.

The best feature of Zola’s save the date and wedding invitation services, however, are that they offer free guest and return addressing! Your guest list manager will automatically integrate with your save the dates and invitations, which means that addressing envelopes and managing RSVPs is easy.

Create a Wedding Registry

A Smeg toaster on a kitchen counter that you can register for via Zola.

Creating a wedding registry used to mean physically going into many stores and taking the time to scan the things that you wanted—and then trying to figure out how to integrate that into your wedding website.

Zola takes all of the time and guesswork out of the wedding registry and makes the process seamless for you and your guests. The Zola store has all your favorite brands (over 500 of them!) from registry staples like Le Creuset, KitchenAid, Sonos, even Airbnb and Delta—and is the only store with physical gifts and gift cards and cash funds. Zola offers the lowest cash fund fee at 2.5%. The fee is simply a credit card processing fee that you can choose to have your guests pay or pay yourself.

Plus, if Zola doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can easily add it to your Zola registry from another store. With Zola you’ll also get free shipping, easy exchanges and returns, 20% off post-wedding, and the most guest-friendly registry with gifts for every budget, price matching, and friendly customer service.

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