How to DIY Signs for Your Wedding

A rustic wood sign with the words "our story begins here" hanging on a tree.

Wedding signs don’t have to be special ordered. If you’re on a budget or want a DIY project for your ceremony or reception, there are plenty of ways to create your own signage to fit your wedding theme. We’ve got a few fun ideas to add that special touch to your celebration without breaking the bank.

Plywood Sign

Plywood itself may seem boring, but dressing it up even minimally creates a great, simple sign look. With some paint and stencils, you’re ready to go. You can get any size of wood you need by either buying a large sheet or cutting it down. The best part is that plywood won’t break the bank and you can even place a few of these around your ceremony or reception for little cost.

Rope Sign

A bride and groom holding a heart made of red rope.

Rope and twine provide a perfect blank canvas for a wedding. Simply shape the rope into fun words like “Just Married” or “Mr. and Mrs.” Hang them for photo ops or on the backs of chairs. It’s hard to make rope look perfect, so don’t fret if each letter isn’t exactly in place —just enjoy the imperfection!

Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboards are a fun way to add some art to your wedding, whether they’re used as a seating chart or to display a romantic quote or welcome message. These days, chalk markers can give a cleaner look to the lettering than plain ol’ chalk, and come in many colors (although white is classic).

Wooden Pallet Sign

A wood shipping pallet with a white painted sign for the ceremony seating.

The coolest thing about making wooden pallet signs is that shipping pallets can usually be found for free behind stores or by asking store owners. They also make a neat sign because you can write something different on each piece of the pallet, making a pretty design. Write out a schedule for the night, detail the menu, or pick out your favorite love quotes. The options are endless because you have natural separations where things can be written.

Window Pane Sign

Antique window panes are one of the biggest trends in home decorating. They give off a classy, pretty feel. One great thing to do with a hanging window pane sign is write the seating list on it, with each pane used as a place to write all of the occupants of the table. Of course, you can also use the window pane for quotes or the program as well.

Cork Sign

A table with glass cups and a sign made out of wine corks that says

If you’re a wine drinker, save up those corks to create a sign. Spell out things in cork lettering or just decorate the exterior of a sign with cork for subtle touch. Simply glue the corks together. This idea is especially perfect if your wedding is held at a vineyard. No matter how big or small the sign, cork provides a clean, classic look.

Antique Mirror Sign

You’ve seen this idea in movies as someone scribbles a love note on the bathroom mirror with lipstick. Use the same technique with a beautiful antique mirror and chalkboard markers to write a welcome note or romantic quote across the mirror’s surface. You can find these big, amazing mirrors at flea markets or thrift stores. Your grandmother may even have one she’s willing to let you borrow.

Burlap Sign

Burlap signs with the words

Burlap and rustic weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly. Best of all, burlap signage doesn’t have to include perfect lettering with expensive markers. All you need is burlap, a way to hang it, and paint to write out your message. Burlap is inexpensive and doesn’t have many rules. Somehow, it just always looks good without even trying.

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