How to Film a Wedding Video on Your Smartphone


98% of  brides regret not getting a wedding video. So, why miss out? Following these tips, you can absolutely get a wedding video without breaking the bank. Get your friends in on the action to film your wedding video on their smartphones. They’re taking photos and videos anyway, might as well get a wedding video out of it! Using these tips below, your friends can help you create the most personal memento from your big day. See the pinnable list below

1. Hold your camera sideways

Seriously now. Do you watch tv sideways? No one wants the black bars. Just hold the phone with both hands and you’re good to go! Check out Grandpa rockin’ the dance floor! He absolutely schooled on the youngins. But wouldn’t it have been so much cooler if you could see it on your full screen?

2. Use the light on your smartphone

Your phone’s flash makes an excellent video light! That gorgeous lighting package at the reception can make it difficult to see all the slick dance moves. Turn on the flash when your phone is in video mode to see the bride playing a mean air guitar.

3. Interview your guests for the fun, behind-the-scenes moments

Guest Interview Questions

Whether you use flip cams or your smart phones, candid guest interviews are the best! Check out these sweet interviews from guests at Betty and Brian’s wedding:

How and when did you meet the bride? What is your most embarrassing story about the groom? Here are some handy dandy wedding guest interview questions you can download. That post of full of tips to get the most candid responses from your guests.

These scenes will crack up the bride and groom when looking back, especially if the person getting interviewed is a tipsy dad of the bride!

4. Give everyone a shot list

By giving everyone a video shot list, you are not only getting everyone involved but guaranteeing that you don’t miss a single moment. Tell everyone to get a shot of the bride and groom canoodling, a shot of the ring bearers picking their nose, and a shot of the bride and groom’s parents dancing to Justin Bieber!

Most weddings have an adorable flower girl, but this one was the absolute star of the show.

We’ve all heard of applying makeup before the ceremony, but bridesmaids pumping iron?


5. Be a tripod—No shaky footage!

No one wants their wedding video to resemble a roller-coaster ride. Use both hands while holding your phone for stability and anchor your elbows against your sides to avoid the shakes. And don’t even try to show off your killer dance moves while filming!

This bride is an absolutely amazing singer. So good that her friend who was filming couldn’t help but dance. I’m even dancing in my seat while watching the clip. Just make sure to hold the phone with both hands while dancing.

6. Shh! while filming

I don’t care if you were in choir in high school and can sing every song the DJ plays…Don’t let your voice be their wedding video’s background music. On the other hand, giving color commentary while the inebriated bridal party decorates the getaway car can sure be a hit!

First dances, ceremonies, that’s the bride and groom’s time to shine. Check out what happened during this ceremony:

7. Say “no” to videobombing

Nothing ruins the moment more than the best man jumping in front of the camera during the first dance or worse by trying to get a close up during their vows. This is the bride and groom’s time to shine, don’t be a camera hog!

Unless you happen to be the cutest videobomber in the universe:

8. Upload the videos to one account

Keep everything organized by putting all of the video clips and pictures from all the guests in one place. This way, the bride and groom can access it and be able to pick out their favorite key moments that they’ll want to watch over and over again.

You want your video footage to be secure, like this wedding ring:

9. Send it to be professionally edited

By getting it professionally edited, the bride and groom can put together all of their favorite clips into their own customized wedding video. While you may have a passion for video editing, it might take you a loooooooong to actually finish the project. So instead of giving it to them as a 5th anniversary gift, leave it to the professionals.

Or better yet, a highlight of the whole day. From the getting ready to the silly, post-wedding antics:

10. Sit back, relax, and break out the popcorn!

The personal touch to their wedding video will make them want to watch it a million times over– and invite their friends to watch too! Together you can relive all the hilarious, heartwarming, and priceless moments. Adding a personal interview to the beginning or end of your video is one of the absolute best personal touches. Check out what Tara and Geno did in this video.

Of course, videographers will get far better sound and video quality, so for a truly amazing video, your best bet is to do both! Just make sure your friends stay out of the way of the pro’s.  All sample videos were shown with permission from the couple.

Check out the ‘pinnable’ version of our tips!

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