How to Get Your Wedding Publicized

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Whatever the reason is for publicizing your wedding, we’re not judging. Whether you’re a socialite, Instagram star, or just need to give your big day a bit of attention, there are plenty of ways to do it. Here’s seven tips on how to get your wedding publicized.

Start Early

The more time you spend marketing something, the better publicity you’ll have. So, the moment you get engaged, start telling everyone—just don’t be annoying.

Having an engagement party with a professional photo shoot will sure get glances. Also, make sure not to skip out on any pre-wedding events. Second-guessing your guest list? Don’t. The more, the merrier. Larger weddings tend to grab far more attention than smaller ones.

Do it the Old Fashioned Way

Why not take out an advert in a newspaper? To this day, it remains a classy gesture and is sure to grab people’s attention. If you’re wondering where, choose your and your significant other’s hometowns and/or another city where the majority of your family resides. For bonus points, add a picture of you lovebirds, even if it costs extra.

Secure Your Social Media Presence

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If you have a large number of followers on social media, you may want to keep your wedding posts under your account. Alternatively, you could create a separate account dedicated specifically to your special day.

From there, you can use it to regularly update your guests (or fans) on your wedding whereabouts. You can even use this as a platform to share your planning experience and tips you learned along the way. During slow periods, you can share general wedding-related material, such as quotes or other people’s inspirational posts. All else aside, getting a wedding website is a must, especially if you have a lot of guests coming whom you’re not too familiar with. Not to mention, there are many other benefits of having a site dedicated to your special day.

Use #Hashtags

Wedding hashtags are officially a thing and pretty much a requirement. Anyone who’s active on social media will absolutely need one if they intend to make their wedding public.

Believe it or not, there are actual professionals you can hire to create a custom wedding hashtag that’ll live on for years to come. However, you can also create one on your own. Just don’t make it too complicated: no one wants a hashtag to take up all 140 characters of their Twitter post! When posting, use other related hashtags, too. Anything that’s related to your post is guaranteed to get you more likes.

Network with Wedding Vendors

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Publicity both before and after your wedding date is almost guaranteed via the vendors you hire. Some small businesses or professionals may even ask you if they can use your wedding as publicity. If they don’t, feel free to ask them if they wouldn’t mind posting something about the event and their work within it either prior to or after the wedding. However, make sure you’re networking with vendors for the right reasons. This shouldn’t be seen as an easy way to get a discount or free service.

Hire a Famous Face

Feeling bold? Provided that your budget allows it, hire someone famous for entertainment. This will be a sure way to give your big day some serious attention. Aside from entertainment, hiring a famous photographer is also another potential way to get your wedding publicized. Provided that you’re having a large event, you might even be suitable for sponsorship from a famous brand. Liquor brands, for example, are always happy to promote their drinks.

If you’re feeling lucky, invite random famous people just to see if they come! One couple once invited the Queen of England, not seriously expecting her to attend. Guess what? She actually went through with it!

Share Your Story

Does your big day have something incredibly unique? Or something that will inspire other couples? If you have a story worth telling, you can attempt to get your wedding featured in a blog or magazine. Contact the media platforms to ask about their requirements.

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