How to Include a City Guide on Your Wedding Website

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You’ve created a wedding website—now comes the question: do you include a city guide? If so, what do you include? First, it depends on what type of wedding you’re hosting and how many guests you’re planning to invite. If you’re having a destination wedding and/or you’re expecting a long list of guests from various cities, then it’s a kind and helpful gesture to include a city guide. It’s a great way to include information on accommodations, transportation, and personal picks for restaurants and sightseeing spots.

List Hotel Accommodations

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Most couples block out rooms at a couple of hotels near the ceremony and/or reception venue. This is helpful for out-of-towners who might not have the time to vet the best places to stay. Include all the information your wedding guests will need to access the hotels you’ve reserved rooms at, including the website, phone number, and even links to their social media pages. If you’re not reserving any rooms, include options for accommodations at all price points from bed and breakfasts to boutique and luxury hotels. The list can give your guests a starting point for their research.

Include Transportation Options

Transportation is key for visitors to a new city. Include a list of the available transportation, whether it’s a subway system, bus lines, trains, taxis, or rideshares. You might also want to add your opinion on which type of transportation you prefer to take and why. Is the bus usually late? Do you have any tips for the riding the subway? Include general prices for each mode of transportation, including from the airport. You may want to consider adding examples of how much it might cost from your booked hotel to the reception venue, for example.

Share Your Favorite Local Hangouts

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While your guests might have an idea as to what they might want to sightsee when they’re in town, it’s always helpful when you offer a personalized recommendation. Your guests will appreciate this not only because you’re a trusted loved one, but because it gives insight as to what you like to do in the city, especially if you live where you’re saying “I do.”

Include suggestions for everything from where you like to grab breakfast to which cafe you think serves the best coffee and which bar serves the best martini. You can also include an extensive list of activities like museums, outdoor sights, and your favorite shops. While most guests might have an idea of the popular tourist destinations, it’s a great idea to advise them to off-the-beaten-path restaurants and activities that only a local would know. Another sweet idea? Add to the list where you and your partner first met, and where you had your first date. It’s a cute personal twist your friends and family will love.

Supply Various Travel Links

Save your guests from doing extensive Google searching and add some helpful links to guides, blogs, online articles, or photo galleries that you think will give your guests a better sense of where they’re heading, and what to expect from your matrimonial city. You might also want to include links to various reviews of your recommended hotspots as well as official city guides.

Share Some Fun Photos

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You want your friends and family to be excited about your city, especially since they’re making the trip to be part of your special day. Show off personal photos of you and your beloved at various spots around the city. If it’s a destination city that you’ve never visited, handpick some pretty shots from online blogs or Instagram. Seeing beautiful visuals will not only help your guests look forward to your big day, but it’s also a great way to inspire them to book their plane ticket.

As you can see from the examples above, a city guide is an integral part to your wedding website, especially if you’re planning on having a big wedding or a destination event. By adding a few detailed links and lists as well as personalized suggestions, you’re providing your guests with both helpful information as well as the motivation to travel to see you on your exciting wedding day.

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