How to Make Your Wedding Website Unique

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In today’s world, a wedding website is basically a necessity. These sites take advantage of technology to act as a reliable and efficient method of communication with your guests. And while there are so many routes you can take with your wedding website, there are definitely ways you can make yours stand apart from the crowd.

Must-Have Wedding Website Elements

There are a few items you’ll definitely want to include on your wedding website to ensure guests are well-informed leading up to your big day. Focus on these first before you start getting creative with all the extra touches!

Location, Location, Location

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One of the must-haves on any wedding website pertains to the locations of all the events your guests are invited to. This includes the wedding ceremony and reception as well as any pre-wedding activities that all of your guests are invited to. Be specific with the locations, listing the street address as well as cities, states, and zip codes. You should also add the phone number of each venue as well as directions or maps. Also include if you’re providing any transportation between locations during the festivities.

Attire Guidelines

One of the most common questions wedding guests have is what to wear. Be sure to specify the dress code on your wedding website so that your guests don’t have to play a guessing game on this.

Accommodation Information

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Share with your guests any hotel blocks or suggested accommodations that they may want to take advantage of during your wedding weekend on your site. This is the perfect place to include links to make booking simple for guests.

Your Contact Information

Share with guests the way you prefer for them to contact you with wedding-related questions. This can be via phone or email.

Ways to Make Your Wedding Website Unique

There are a range of ways to make your wedding website unique and even more special, also enhancing your guests’ enjoyment as they visit your site.

Make Suggestions for Eating and Activities

Play tour guide on your wedding website by creating a handy guide to the area you’re getting married in. This is an especially good idea if you’re having a destination wedding. Include information as to why you chose that destination. Also include things such as favorite places to eat, drink, and play. Area attractions or places to shop and adventure should also be listed here. This is a fun way to get guests excited for the trip!

Make a “Now and Then” Photo Album

Your wedding website is the perfect place to showcase your love story. Do so by including “now and then” photos. This will show your guests how far you’ve come as a couple and it will be fun for them to enjoy some throwbacks as they prepare to watch you exchange vows. It’s always fun to take a stroll down memory lane and see how it all began!

Include Wedding Party Bios

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It’s fun to include bios about everyone in your wedding party on your site. This will help your guests understand how you met each member of your wedding party and why they’re important to you as a couple. It’s also a great way to get your wedding party even more excited for the big day!

Have a Guestbook

Your wedding website can be a living document for guests to leave messages and share in the love and excitement you feel leading up to your wedding. This is a fun way to make your website interactive.

Include Your Hashtag

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Encourage guests to share the love from the start of the planning process by including your wedding hashtag on your website. This will ensure it’s used as much as possible as your wedding day approaches. A wedding hashtag makes it easy to track posts that pertain to your wedding so you can see all the updates that showcase your special event.

Share Updates

You can share a wealth of updates during the planning process to get your guests even more jazzed for the festivities. You can also use your website as a place to share photos of your wedding and honeymoon after the big day for guests to enjoy. They’ll be sure to enjoy this touch.

Share Contingency Plans

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Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, your guests may be wondering what the contingency plan is in case of inclement weather. Include this information on your site so that they aren’t questioning how to prepare or dress if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Include a Countdown

To build the excitement even further for your wedding day, include a countdown to your date on your website. Everyone will love to see the days tick by!

Your wedding website can be as creative or as simple as you wish, but taking these extra steps to make it special will surely be noticed by your guests.

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