How to Realistically Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

A bride and groom outside at their winter wedding with red and blue smoke bombs.

Pinterest is a great tool for so many things. From acquiring new recipes to arts and craft projects projects, there’s no limit to what you can find on the platform. That is especially true when it comes to wedding inspiration and ideas. With that being said, there is almost an overwhelming amount of content on Pinterest surrounding weddings. A simple search of bridesmaid dress ideas could return thousands of results, making it intimidating to use the platform for wedding planning inspiration, tips, and tricks.

However, that’s not to say great content doesn’t exist on the site that certainly can aid in the wedding planning process. It does—as long as it’s used correctly. Follow the below tips to realistically capitalize on all of the greatness that Pinterest has to offer for weddings without becoming too overwhelmed and inundated with information.

Start by Pinning Everything You Love

The first thing you should do to use Pinterest effectively to plan your wedding is to simply pin everything you love that you see related to weddings. Put it all on one board and just pin away without worrying about organization or restriction, which will come later!

Examine What You Pinned

A bride and groom in a moody setting with fog and an autumn-colored bouquet.

Next, take a look at everything you pinned to your one board and look for common themes among the pins. Is there a common color scheme? Maybe you pinned the same type of flower over and over or the same style gown? Also examine what type of wedding photography you’re more drawn to; maybe you seem to like more moody editing or maybe you like light and airy photos. Looking at the commonalities between your pins will tell a lot about your general wedding interests.

Sort Pins Onto Organized Boards

Now’s the time to sort what you’ve pinned to that one giant board into smaller, more sensical and organized boards. Make boards titled things like, “flowers,” “decor,” “dresses,” “photography,” “ceremony,” “reception,” and “details.” This will help you to get organized for what you will actually use as your planning inspiration and they can also serve as useful tools to share with your vendors once you book them so they can get a sense as to what you’re looking for.

Narrow it Down

A bridal bouqet with greenery and soft pink flowers.

A few days after you sort your pins onto the individual boards, take another pass at each of them, deleting pins that don’t particularly appeal to you as much as you originally thought. Aim to have well curated board of 10 to 20 pins. This will help to give you a more cohesive vision of what you want your wedding day to look like instead of having too many ideas for each section.

Find Wedding Blogs You Love

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s nice to actually have the words behind them at your disposal. That’s one of the things that makes Pinterest so great; individual pins link directly to the website where the photo originated from. Click on a few pins each day to see the website they lead to. You will soon find some great forums, blogs, and sites that are extremely helpful in planning your wedding, giving advice, and showing real-life weddings that provide inspiration.

Use Secret Boards

Some brides may feel hesitant to use Pinterest because they don’t want their followers to see all their wedding inspiration, as that may spoil some of the details for the big day. Have no fear! You can easily create “secret boards” on Pinterest that keep everything you’re pinning private. This way, you’re the only one who can see these ideas unless you directly share the board with someone else.

Manage Expectations

A backyard wedding ceremony decorared with a draped cloth arch and wood chairs.

Pinterest is filled with ideas from weddings of all calibers—budget weddings and ultra luxe weddings alike, along with those that fall nicely in the middle. There are pins from beach weddings, European weddings, barn weddings, vineyard weddings, and everything in between. As you’re pinning, keep in mind your venue and wedding location. Try to only pin and keep items on your boards that apply well to the type of wedding you’re having in order to keep the inspiration realistic and useful.

Set a Date to Stop Pinning

Pinning can be quite addictive, but be sure to set a date ahead of your wedding where you’ll stop journaling all of this inspiration and ideas. There will come a point where you can’t keep adding more and more ideas and elements to your wedding, and this is for several reasons. Of course, there’s budget constraints and you also don’t want your wedding to become a hodge podge of ideas. Pick a date, around three or four months out from your wedding, to stop pinning.

Pinterest can definitely be an overwhelming tool but if you use it correctly, it’s incredibly useful when it comes to planning your dream day.

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