How to Repurpose a Wedding Website After the Big Day

A couple looking at their wedding website on a computer.

When it was time to put together your wedding website, you pulled out all the stops. You found the perfect theme. You chose the cutest pictures. You poured your heart and soul into a blog post about your love story. And now that the wedding is over, you might be wondering: what will become of your beautiful website?

The most common (and most depressing) answer is that your website will go into the proverbial internet graveyard. It will become a lonely site, never updated or visited, resting on the internet forever with Myspace, Ask Jeeves, and other sites that died long ago. But if that idea fills you with dread (all my hard work down the drain!), don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, many couples choose to repurpose their wedding website, keeping it up and running long after the bouquet is tossed and the catering trucks take off. You can use the site for absolutely anything, be it a business page (for the entrepreneurial newlyweds) to a personal blog (for keeping in touch with out-of-towners). Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Convert it into a Photo Sharing Platform

A woman taking a wedding photo of a bride and groom on her phone.

There were likely a lot of people taking photos on your wedding day. Your photographer was running around your venue, catching every moment with an expert eye. Your mom was grabbing a few shots of your niece and nephew looking cute on the dance floor. Your best friends from college were snapping selfies, documenting all the hijinks going down at table nine. Every one of these images captures a special memory of your big day, and chances are you’ll want to see them all.

Many couples ask guests to use a wedding hashtag, thereby linking all these photos on social media sites. But what about the photos Aunt Miriam took with her digital camera? What about your spouse’s anti-social media cousin, who spent all night taking photos, but has no place to post them? By transforming your wedding website into a photo sharing platform, you can get every photo of your wedding in one convenient place.

Invite your guests to contribute to your website via email. If they accept, they should have access to view photos from other guests, and be able to post their own. Before you know it, you’ll have an incredible digital wedding album, full of professional photos and amateur candid shots that give you a complete picture of your big day through everyone’s eyes.

Use it for Honeymoon Updates

A couple embracing on their honeymoon as they look up at colorful European buildings near the ocean.

Whenever I go to a wedding, I love asking the couple about their honeymoon plans. After all, a honeymoon is one of the best parts of the wedding experience—a chance to visit somewhere new and beautiful, just you and the love of your life celebrating this new chapter together. And while the honeymoon should be all about you and your new spouse disconnecting from the world and spending time together, you’d better believe that all your guests are dying to hear about it.

You can give your wedding website new life by using it to post updates about your honeymoon. Share funny stories from the trip. Post photos of the incredible view from your window. Give your loved ones tips for making the most of their trip, should they ever visit themselves. Whether you’re updating each evening from your hotel room or sharing everything once you’re back at home, you can be certain that everyone will be interested.

Start a Family Blog

This suggestion is really for the writer couples out there. After all, family blogs are no small feat! However, they can be a really fun way to keep your family and friends updated on your life, especially those who live far away. Consider this your family Christmas newsletter, except you can upload as much as you want (and you never have to pay for postage)!

With a family blog, you create a digital memory book that ages with you. You may be blogging about the craziness of married life today, but you could be blogging about crazy (and cute) toddlers before you know it! Through your blog, you can share advice, get advice (the comment section can be useful sometimes), and give your family and friends a glimpse into your everyday life. This doesn’t just keep your wedding website alive, but it allows it to grow as your family does—and gives everyone you care about a chance to tag along for the ride.

Before your special day, your wedding website serves one purpose: give your guests the necessary info about the ceremony and reception. But after you say “I do,” that website can be anything you want it to be. Start a blog, share your photos, give advice to other soon-to-be newlyweds! If you’re passionate about something, don’t be afraid to get creative and make use of your little slice of the internet.

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