How to Throw a Wedding Favor Making Party

Someone tying a bow around a small glass bottle that's going to be a wedding favor.

One of the best parts of a wedding to DIY are the favors. They’re usually fairly simple and since you’re creating a lot of them, the process can be fairly straightforward. That being said, making over 100 favors by yourself can be a pretty boring and time-consuming process. If you have friends or family who are willing to help out with your project, it can be fun to throw a party and make short work of your DIY wedding favors. Here’s how to make sure your wedding favor making party is a success.

Plan the Party in Advance

When possible, have your DIY favor party a few weeks or even months before the wedding. If this isn’t possible (for instance, if food favors will get stale or you have a short engagement), do your best to at least announce the party early. Friends and family are not as focused on the wedding as you are (even if they are very excited!), so plan enough in advance as you can to increase the chances of more people being able to attend.

Provide Food and Drinks

Friends eating pizza during a DIY wedding favor party.

It may seem like a small thing, but if you are going to call it a party, make it a party! Make some snacks and offer a selection of drinks. Depending on how intricate your wedding favors are, you may want to avoid alcoholic drinks, but favors that mostly require filling bags or tying things can easily be done after a margarita or two. Make sure you and your guests are happy and full so that a couple hours of wedding favor making won’t feel like simply a chore.

Make the Process Easy

Rather than just assembling raw materials, think about which parts of the favor making process are most difficult to achieve versus which parts just take a lot of time. Aim to focus on the time-consuming processes in the party and to do any detail work on your own or with just one or two people. For instance, if you want calligraphy on your favors, there is a good chance that some of your friends will be better at it than others, but almost anyone can fold up cardboard boxes and place items into them. Any prep work you can do, such as making a clear space on a table or unpacking some of the items that are needed, will make things less of a shuffle when everyone arrives.

Another way to make the process easy is to have printed-off instructions for everyone when they arrive; while you may think it’s easier to just demonstrate, you’ll want to be able to start crafting yourself and having instructions will allow everyone to work at their own pace, learning how to do whatever craft project you have in store.

Have Enough Materials for Extras

A pair of scissors surrounded by colorful paper and flower cut-outs.

One good way to take the pressure off your party guests is to have enough materials to make 10%-15% more items than you technically need. This may seem unnecessary, but if someone accidentally snacks on the candy that was meant for the favors or ruins a spool of ribbon, you don’t want them feeling like they’ve ruined the fun. The little bit of extra material can be good if you end up having a surprise plus-one show up to the wedding, and even if you don’t end up putting those extras to good use at the wedding, you can send things home with your wedding favor assembly line workers! It’s nice to reward the kindness a little if no mistakes are made.

Focus on the People, Not Just the Task

While the main goal of havng a DIY wedding favor party may be to get another item checked off the list, it’s important to remember that your friends or family members also see this as time to spend with you. They won’t get nearly as much face-time with you during the wedding itself, so try to make the task less important than the camaraderie. Ultimately, you can work on DIY favors at other times on your own if need be; family and friend time is often extremely precious. Let yourself laugh, chat, listen to music, and yes, do a little crafting—but don’t worry too much if the task is not quite finished at the end of the event.

When you have a party to create DIY wedding favors, the fun may begin with getting a big wedding task checked off, but it will end with more time with your loved ones. Your closest friends will enjoy getting to be a part of your party, and the time unwinding and chatting will be healthy for you as you continue the busy preparations for your wedding in the coming weeks or months.

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