Make a Gift for the Little Ones in Your Bridal Party

basket picture for weddings

There is nothing like watching the adorable little ones in your bridal party walk down the aisle on your special day. The ring bearer all dressed up in his cute suit and the adorable flower girl who likes to pretend she is a princess for a day. They are so proud of themselves. However, what do you do when crankiness and sleepiness begin to kick in and the day is not even half over? After years of being in the wedding industry I learned that giving the children something to do was the best move.

First, purchase a simple basket (or crate, colorful box, etc.) to hold all of the goodies. These can be purchased anywhere; any craft store will have them and many dollar stores carry them. Knowing the child’s favorite color will help.

Next, ask yourself what the child likes. What are some of his or her favorite treats? If they like cookies you can simply bake some and wrap them up nicely. Fill up the basket with all of their favorites. For example: coloring books, bubbles (which are great if it is an outdoor wedding), disposable cameras, and I always recommended throwing a craft in there that is based off the theme of the wedding so that the child has something to keep them very busy. One craft idea which was always great for a wedding that was nautical/beach-themed was incorporating a craft that used shells.

For this craft purchase some shells to bag (found at any craft store) and include some blue paper, child-safety glue and some frames (I also recommend you ask the staff where you are hosting your wedding to set up a little kids table for this!). Simply have the child glue the shells onto the blue paper and have them create a design that has to do with the wedding. For example, for a nautical theme and beach wedding I always recommended choosing to do an anchor. All of the kids loved this!

anchor pic for wedding shells

After everything is finished being glued and has dried just place it right into the frame. Done! A nice, simple craft to put into the child’s basket. Plus it gives the children something to do at the wedding and it is a piece of a memorable day that they will always remember. Best of all it was made by them!

To finish off the basket, wrap cellophane and ribbon around it – or even just a bow. Hand it off to the special little boy(s) and girl(s) in your bridal party on your day and prepare yourself for extreme joy, fun, and excitement!

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