Make Your Own Ring Pillow

If you will be using a ring pillow for your wedding, do not buy it! I guarantee that you can make one yourself, even if you’re a completely novice sewer.


This DIY sewn ring pillow is so easy. I guarantee that you can make one too, even if you’re a newbie sewer.

First you’ll need to select your fabric. A cotton fabric of any weight will work just fine. If you’re buying fabric, a ¼ yard or fat quarter will be more than enough. I used lightweight linen in an off-white color. You’ll also want to consider if you want to add any contrasting color or fabric to make the pillow a little more visually interesting. I selected a wide piece of lace to use across the top of my ring pillow square. You could add another piece of fabric, some felt, or a wide piece of ribbon as well.


After you have your fabric and any coordinating details selected, you’ll want to iron everything, and then cut it down to size. I cut my ring pillow fabric down into two 7 inch by 7 inch squares. I also cut one piece of lace into a 7 inch piece for the top.

Next you need to pin your pieces together, with the “right side” faces together. I also sandwiched my piece of lace in between, making sure the edges of the lace reached to the outside of my pinned fabric.


You’ll then need to sew the outside edges of the fabric. But you’ll want to make sure you leave one of the four edges mostly unsewn, so you can flip your fabric later. I used a sewing machine to stitch my ring pillow, but you can also hand sew your square, since it’s not too large of a project. I used white thread, but you should use whatever color matches best with your fabric.

Once you have sewn 80% of the way around your pillow, flip it so the outside is now facing out. You’ll have one unfinished edge where you can see the cut fabric. Before you add your stuffing, you’ll want to neatly iron these edges inside. That creates a crease which makes it easier to stitch shut later.

After you’ve creased your open edge, you should stuff it with polyfill, a polyester stuffing. After it’s as puffy as you’d like, you should stitch the last edge shut. If you’re using a sewing machine, backstitch the start and end to this line, so it is nice and neat.


Now you should have a very cute little pillow. You just need to add something that ties to your rings. I selected a thin gold ribbon, but you can use whatever you’d like. I then stitched the middle spot of the ribbon to the middle of my ring pillow, using a needle and clear thread.


And that’s it! If you have some sewing experience and a sewing machine, this project should take you less than an hour– probably more like 30 minutes. Even with hand sewing, you could easily make this in an evening in front of the TV.

Now you have a beautiful, and handmade, ring pillow, in the exact colors and fabrics you want.


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