Moss Ring Holder

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After you’ve dropped a pretty penny on your wedding rings, purchasing a holder for the ceremony may be one of the last things you’ll want to do. Fortunately, giving your rings a home doesn’t have to be another big wedding expense. A simple mason jar lid can be transformed into a darling holder made to suit your wedding’s theme. The trick is to completely cover up the lid, dressing it up in rustic embellishments and elements. You can even use leftovers from past projects, making this DIY extremely budget-friendly. Showing off your rings has never been so easy.


  • Hot glue gun
  • Hemp cord (or ribbon or other lacing)
  • Green floral moss
  • Mason jar lid
  • Fabric scrap
  • Scissors
  • Decorative trim or ribbon

supplies for a moss ring holder

Moss is available in the floral section of your local craft store, but you may be lucky enough to find it at the dollar store. As for the fabric scrap? Use any color and pattern that suits your taste and style. Natural textiles, such as cotton and linen, work best for this project.


Step 1: Remove the flat disc from the rim. Add hot glue to the interior perimeter of the rim. For best results, work quickly before the hot glue dries.

02 Step 1

Step 2: Place a segment of fabric on top of the rim. Add a thin layer of hot glue to the fabric, following the circular perimeter.

03 Step 2

Step 3: Replace the flat disc. Press firmly to secure.

04 Step 3

Step 4: Trim the fabric around the lid, leaving about ½ inch. This excess fabric should be wide enough to cover the thickness of the jar lid. Next, cut slits at about ½-inch intervals. However, these intervals don’t have to be exact. The point of this step is to create multiple fabric “flaps” that will cover the outside of the lid.

05 Step 4

Step 5: Fold the fabric, covering the outside perimeter. Add a dot of hot glue to secure each “flap.”

06 Step 5

Step 6: If necessary, trim the raw edges of the fabric. You’ll be left with a mason jar lid complete with a fabric-covered insert.

07 Step 6

Step 7: Hot glue trim or ribbon around the perimeter. This is another chance to bring in coordinating elements, colors, and styles. Overlap the ends and cut away any excess.

08 Step 7 (1)

Step 8: Cut a strand of hemp cord measuring at least 12 inches long. You can always trim this down later if it is too long. (If you aren’t a fan of the hemp, you can also use satin ribbon, yarn, or suede lacing. Again, this component provides another opportunity to emphasize the style of your big day.)

09 Step 8

Step 9: Fold the hemp cord in half. Hot glue the middle of the hemp to the center of the mason jar lid. At this point, the fabric side should be facing downward.

09 Step 8

Step 10: Hot glue floral moss along the inside of the lid. Continue adding moss until the surface is completely covered. Feel free to add dots of hot glue to help secure loose bits of moss. Watch your fingers—hot glue can get extremely warm.Once you’ve added enough moss, your new creation is ready to showcase your wedding rings. Plus, this holder can also be used as a simple display post-wedding day. It doubles as charming decor piece that represents one of the best days of your life.

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