Paper Flower Bouquets


One of the most important aspects of your wedding is going to be the décor. It is the theme and heart of your wedding. If you ask most people what object they associate with weddings they say one word, flowers. One of the biggest problems brides are facing today is the growing cost of fresh flowers for their big day. Not only are they expensive, they don’t last and are not very environmentally friendly. This is especially true if they are not in season. One great answer to this dilemma is paper flowers.

Paper flowers are not only beautiful, they will never wilt! You can keep these for as long as you wish. Some of the great things about paper flowers are not only their shelf life, but also the variety! Everything from colors to textures and styles can be unique to you. It is the ultimate personalization. If you are having a vintage wedding consider using old books for your flowers. This will add something totally different and special, make it a book of sonnets or love poems. Modern weddings can use tightly wound roses to create graphic spirals. With bright colors those bouquets could really pop. When having a classic wedding, where there is lots of candlelight, tissue paper flowers might be just the ticket. They are diaphanous and can be very ethereal when done right.

You can have big flowers that not only make a statement but also can take up a lot of space without a lot of materials. The other option is small, tight flowers that create a more natural look. Whatever flower you are looking for can be made from paper. Best of all they will never be out of season. Again, the more intricate the flower the more work – but also the more stunning the result. Your guests will be shocked by what you can create from paper. If you happen to have a talent for this, or a talented bridesmaid, you will be good to go. Good friends and good wine are the perfect mix for this project.

Please do not feel you need to limit your use of these crafty creations to your bouquet. Boutonnieres and table-scales done with paper flowers are stunning. It might take more time, but it will be so worth it in the end. Just imagine a photo booth using big paper flowers to create an amazing backdrop. Having your guests being able to take home centerpieces at the end of the evening and enjoying them for months or years to come. Using your new husband’s boutonniere in a shadow box; it will look just as beautiful as the day he wore it. The possibilities are endless.

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration ideas for this project. It all depends on what kind you want, how crafty you are and the look you are going for. Typically you will need floral wire or pipe cleaners (preferably in green), floral tape or glue, scissors, and of course the paper you are choosing to use. With some of the more intricate flowers you will need templates. These will give you the perfect shape for similar looking flowers each time. For more wild and free flowing bouquets use the scissor and create free hand flowers. After all, in the wild no two flowers are the same.


A favorite flower of mine is the graphic spiral rose. You can take a piece of card stock paper used in scrapbooking and cut it into fourths. Take each piece and draw a spiral. It should not be perfect as no two flowers are the same. Cut the spiral out and from the end of the spiral roll inwards. When you get to the center of the spiral use add small dab of glue to the bottom and press. This will hold the flower together. These are usually small but do not take a bunch of time. The more flowers the better the bouquet… simply stunning.Paper2

There is one extra earth friendly idea you can use in this green wedding project. When looking for the right paper for your flowers, use seed paper. This is paper that is populated with seeds and when you are done with it you put it in the ground. It is totally biodegradable. The seeds can be anything from flowers or herbs to vegetables. This idea may be more expensive, but it is very eco friendly.

So whether you are looking for a statement bouquet for your bridesmaids, a sweet different idea for your flower girl or that centerpiece that will set you apart, paper flowers are one great way to go. You can have them forever keeping your wedding fresh in you mind. They will look just as beautiful as the day you married your man.

About Kristin: I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a dual Bachelors degree in 2008. I then started working in the nonprofit sector doing event planning. After planning my own wedding in 2010 I discovered a passion for weddings and have been a freelance planner ever since. I am also the owner and operator of Kristi’s Confections, a specialty cake and confections company. I live in South Florida with my husband and 1-year-old daughter. Follow me on Google.

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