Make Fun Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props

Despite the craziness leading up to your big day, weddings are all about laughter and fun. Making memories and sharing moments are exactly what will define the big celebration. That’s why a photo booth is a must-have; it gives guests (and yourself) a chance to let loose and snap goofy photos. Of course, a photo booth wouldn’t be complete without a batch of silly props.

With some basic crafting skills and inexpensive supplies, you can make a trio of photo booth props for your guests to pose with. This is yet another opportunity to emphasize your wedding’s theme and colors into the decor. After all, these props use scrapbook paper and card stock. Both materials can be purchased at your local craft store and are available in an endless variety of colors, finishes, and prints. You can even use leftover materials, such as fabric or embellishments, from other wedding projects. To get you started, check out this tutorial featuring three popular types of props. Once you’re done, simply place them in a vase or box near the photo booth. Say cheese!


  • Scrap book paper and card stock
  • Packaging or duct tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wooden dowels
  • Rhinestone button
  • Flat back gems
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Create a “Sunglasses” Shape

Photo Booth Props Step 1

To make a pair of sunglasses, trace the roll of packaging or duct tape along the edge of a sheet of card stock. The top quarter of the roll should be placed off of the paper’s edge, while the rest of the roll is on the paper. Make sure the circles overlap, creating a shape that is similar to a Venn diagram.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Shape

Photo Booth Props Step 2

Using the scissors, cut out the shape along the line. The finished segment of paper will look like a pair of sunglasses. If the curved edge of the sunglasses are not even, simply fold in half and trim accordingly.

Step 3: Fold the Paper

hoto Booth Props Supplies Step 3

To further emphasize the shape, fold the paper in half. Make a slanted cut in the center, along the top of the fold. This will accentuate the bridge of the sunglasses.

Step 4: Unfold Your Sunglasses

Photo Booth Props Step 6

Unfold the paper to reveal a finished sunglasses shape.

Step 5: Make Your “Cat Whiskers”

Photo Booth Props cat

To create a cat face photo booth prop, repeat Steps 1-2 with another sheet of paper or card stock.

Step 6: Glue on the Cat Nose

Photo Booth Props Cat

Hot glue an embellishment to the center of the paper. This will represent the cat’s nose. You can use an old earring, a button, or a sparkling rhinestone.

Step 7: Cut the Pipe Cleaners

06 Photo Booth Props Step 7

Cut two pipe cleaners into three pieces each.

Step 8: Glue on the Whiskers

Photo Booth Props Cat

Hot glue three pieces to each side of the cat face. These pipe cleaners will represent the cat’s whiskers.

Step 9: Make the “Crown”

Photo Booth Props

To make a crown, cut a wide rectangle. Next, cut jagged edges along the top of the rectangle. Hot glue flat back rhinestones to embellish the crown. You can also add strips of ribbon or glitter to dress it up.

Step 10: Glue the Wooden Dowel Handles

Photo Booth Props Step 12

Hot glue a wooden dowel to the back side of each paper photo booth prop. Your best bet is to attach each wooden dowel to the extreme left or right side. This will make it easier to hold while the camera snaps memories of your big day.

Tip: Remember, with multiple people using these photo booth props, it is expected that one or two might rip or break. Making a few extras will ensure the fun isn’t spoiled early.

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