Rustic Flower and Stone Arrangements as Table Centerpieces


A beautiful centerpiece for the tables at your wedding should not be overlooked. Eye-catching flower arrangements can be expensive, sure, but they can also easily be done on a budget. Taking the time to make this effort will impress your guests and beautify the area they will be eating, drinking, and socializing in after your wedding ceremony.

Things didn’t go exactly the way I had hoped with our flower arrangements for our wedding reception tables. I had purchased a ton of flowers in bulk from Whole Foods. This, as it turned out, was a great idea. The florist I worked with at Whole Foods walked me through the process of selecting and paying for my flowers with care, despite how busy that flagship Whole Foods in Austin always is. When part of my order was accidentally forgotten, the manager of the department went out of his way to make sure I had even more flowers than I had ordered to begin with to compensate for the inconvenience. So I had a lot of lowers. A lot.

My plan was to go through the flowers with my friends and family members the day before and day of the wedding and create my bouquet and all other arrangements DIY style. I had a ton of vintage vases ready to hold the flowers, but what I didn’t expect was the overwhelming wind the day of my wedding. The wind was blowing so hard that the vases kept falling over. What resulted was a perfect and beautiful happy wedding accident. I wound up with rustic flower and stone arrangements that everyone loved.

Make them yourself by following these instructions:

1.       Get your vases. You’ll want a varying collection of eccentric vintage vases for this project. Work out the number of centerpieces you’ll need exactly and once you have your numbers straight, start shopping. The best places to find vintage vases are thrift stores, vintage stores, consignment shops, garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales (and maybe your great aunt has a few?). If you wind up short on the amount of vases you need in the end, you can offset your vintage vases with contemporary vases or, as I did, with clear glass jars.

2.       Collect your stones. You can source stones in many different ways. If you want to make your arrangements a bit more elaborate and expensive, you can purchase your stones in advance online or from a store that sells polished stones and gems. This will still achieve a rustic look, though not quite as rustic as my centerpieces were. I gathered stones from the grounds of our wedding. I used all kinds of sizes and placed the biggest stones on the outer edge of the centerpiece for optimal stability.

 3.       Secure your flowers. I recommend buying bulk flowers for this project and other flower-oriented wedding projects. And I highly recommend buying the flowers from Whole Foods. Whatever the case may be, make sure you have plenty of flowers for your centerpieces.

 4.       Arrange! You can easily do this kind of assembly yourself, but so can your florist if that’s in your budget. Simply fill the vases with water and arrange the flowers how you see fit. Surround each vase with your stones. If you want to add a bit more to the centerpiece, tie a bow around the vase with lace or burlap.

rustic stones

This simple and inexpensive wedding reception table centerpiece option will delight your guests without putting too much of a dent in your overall wedding budget. Tip: If you want to save as much money as possible, don’t buy flowers. Instead, complete this arrangement with picked flowers, beautiful grasses, branches, leaves, or other natural elements, like pine cones.

About Elizabeth: My writing has been published by National Geographic, Discovery, AOL, and many other online and print publications. I started out writing DIY posts for Discovery’s Planet Green, How Stuff Works, TLC Green, and Planet Green. I’ve been inspired to write DIY wedding posts ever since throwing my own DIY camping wedding. Follow me on Google.

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