Rustic Wine Cork Frames

Wine Cork Picture Frame

Rustic, nature-inspired weddings are quickly gaining popularity, and why not? They’re fun and give you all the fabulous-ness of a more formal wedding without all the fuss. A rustic theme is the perfect complement for an outdoor ceremony, especially for couples who enjoy hiking, camping, or just spending time outside, and these handmade wine cork frames are a great way to emphasize your theme throughout your big day.

wine cork photo frame

While burlap has quickly become the go-to décor for rustic weddings, there are some fun alternatives. Wine corks, for example, are also a great way to accent a natural color scheme. Plus, nothing says the great outdoors like a beautiful vineyard!

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a wine cork picture frame that you can use at your rustic wedding. But before you read on, grab a bottle of wine because you’re going to need a lot of corks!


  • Small wooden frame (You can buy a new frame or grab one from a thrift shop.)
  • Spray paint
  • Glue gun
  • Wine corks

glue gun wooden frame wine corks


Step 1: Remove the frame’s glass and back panel. Set these aside until you’re finished with the project.

Step 2: If you’re working with a used frame, you may want to spray paint it first. Gold looks great on a wine cork frame because it will highlight the corks without detracting from their natural look, but you can also add another shade from your color scheme for a subtle hint.

hot glue gun wine cork frame

Step 3: Arrange the corks around your frame. Depending on the size and shape, you may have to experiment with the angle of the corks. You can also cut them in half if need be—just make sure to work out your design before you start gluing.

diy wine cork picture frame

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, begin gluing the corks to your frame with a glue gun. For extra security, add a line of glue alongside the edge of the cork that will end up face down and another line along the side to help it stick to the next cork. This will keep your corks in place and reduce the risk of bald spots on your frame.

diy wine cork photo frame

Step 5: Fill your frame with a favorite engagement photo, a reminder for guests to turn their cell phones off, or a piece of card stock printed with your wedding hashtag. These frames can also be used to hold table numbers, family photos, or instructions for guests on where to leave their cards and retrieve their favors—the possibilities are endless! And because the corks cover the existing frame, you can save money by giving older frames a facelift. These frames are also great for a Tuscan-themed wedding, and they’re the perfect complement for a fall color palette.

Kat Richter is a freelance writer and newlywed who lives in Philadelphia and blogs at Fieldwork in Stilettos.

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