Seven 2019 Wedding Trends Every Bride Should Know About

A bride in a long-sleeved dress walking with her groom in the courtyard of a historic building.

Another year of wedding trends has come and gone, but we are so here for the 2019 wedding trends. We’re seeing nothing but gorgeous in 2019—from foliage to tablescapes to photography. Comb through this list, pick out your favorite trends, or better yet, try them all! Overall what we’re predicting for 2019 is more personalization, creativity, and “wow factor” for weddings.

Without further ado, here are the seven 2019 wedding trends that every bride should know about.

1. Boho Foliage Is Still Going to Be Big, but a Little Tamed Down

A boho bride holding a wildflower bouquet.

The last few years, we’ve seen a lot of bohemian-style bouquets and table decorations that feature a lot of greenery and limited pops of color. In 2019, however, we’re going to see this tamed down a bit. By tamed down we mean smaller, less cascading bouquets that are tighter and easier to carry. So while implementing a whole lot of green is still very much on trend, you’ll be less likely to see the bountiful bouquets that we’ve been seeing the last couple of years. Bonus: a smaller bouquet generally means you’ll spend less money!

2. It’ll Be the Cutest Backyard Wedding Since I Don’t Know When

A bride and groom in a backyard wedding surrounded by lights and candles.

Backyard weddings have always been around, but now they are seriously gaining some steam. In fact, Pinterest reported in their Pinterest 100: The top trends for 2019 that searches for backyard weddings were up a staggering 441%. Whether couples are trying to save money or they’ve been inspired by the micro wedding trend, it’s clear that backyard weddings are going to be bigger than ever in 2019.

Whether you use your own backyard or borrow your parents’, a backyard wedding is intimate, deeply personal, and best of all, less expensive than booking your wedding at an event hall. The only caveats with a backyard wedding? You may need to get special noise permits and parking permits for all of your guests so that your neighbors don’t complain too much.

3. Flower Garlands Galore

A pink peony garland on a wedding reception table.

One of the toughest decisions to make when wedding planning is figuring out what’s going to go on each and every reception table. This year, brides are going to be keeping it simple, yet pretty, with loads of flower garlands. Flower garlands give off a relaxed, bohemian vibe to your tables and can be just as beautiful using fake foliage (bonus: you’d get to keep them forever). Need proof these will be big in 2019? Pinterest reported that searches for flower garlands were up 1154%.

4. Gold Dresses Will Shine

A bride wearing a gold dress in front of a mirror with a groom in a tuxedo.

The tradition is that a bride wears a white dress and the groom wears a black tux—but the modern wedding is all about ditching traditions in favor of more personalized and less rigid standards. Brides who aren’t interested in wearing white can look forward to 2019, when gold wedding dresses will (literally) shine. So, go ahead and be the sparkliest, twinkliest lady in the room. It looks like 2019 will be your year to find that metallic dress of your dreams.

5. Bridal Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are the perfect outfit for going out with your girlfriends—and they have become increasingly popular and chic the last few years. Though bridal gowns are the traditional wedding outfit, there’s no rule that says you have to wear a dress on your wedding day. If you’ve never been into wearing dresses or you simply want more flexibility to move around (particularly during the dancing portion of the evening), then a bridal jumpsuit might just be for you. Coming in all shapes, sizes, materials and varieties, bridal jumpsuits are every bit as fancy and sexy as a wedding gown. Some even come with removable trains so you can have the best of both worlds.

6. Smoke Gets in Your Pictures

A bride and groom kissing as they're surrounded by a red smoke bomb.

If you have a flair for the dramatic, you’ll definitely be a big fan of this 2019 wedding photo trend: smoke bombs. These mystical, whimsical looking literal photo bombs have been around for a bit, but we think they’ll be more popular than ever this next year. Pinterest reported that “smoke bomb photography” searches were up 436%—a sure sign that you’ll be seeing them in engagement announcements and wedding photos everywhere next year.

7. You’ll Have a Neon Wedding Glow

A neon sign on a wall with the quote

The use of signs in weddings have been around for about the last decade, but couples have gotten more creative with how they’re displaying them. This coming year is all about that neon glow for wedding signs. Less for directions (such as where to sit or detailing a couple’s love story) and more for fun, neon signs are going to be bigger than ever in 2019. Use a neon sign to display your last name, your Instagram hashtag, your wedding date, your initials, or fun shapes like hearts or rainbows. Use the signs above the sweetheart table, in the backdrop of the photo booth, or behind the cake table for ultra cute photo opportunities.

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