Spruce Up the Aisle: DIY Pew Cones

Pew cones.

Every bride envisions herself walking down the aisle virtually hundreds of times during the long months of planning. In the midst of these idyllic visions, she begins to recognize that the pews framing her walk may need some sprucing up. If you are among this group of brides, look no further than pew cones that you can easily make yourself. These cones allow you to keep with current wedding trends without breaking the budget.

First, gather your materials.

For the base of the cones, you will need enough cardstock paper to line the number of pews you have. Go ahead and pick up a few extra to practice on. You can purchase these for literally pennies a piece, making this project so wonderfully affordable. The key is to select cardstock that is a neutral color, similar to the pews or chairs. This will help the eye to go to the flowers, not the cone. You can choose sheets with a slight texture to further hide the fact that it is paper.

Next, pick out a couple of ribbon spools. A nice half inch ribbon will suffice. Once again, understated is better. Even if it matches the bridesmaids’ dresses, steer away from bold colors like hot pink. A sheer ribbon works well to stay nice and hidden.

Venture to the floral section and choose the flowers you want. Even if the rest of your ceremony flowers are fresh, you will want these to be silk. Otherwise, the water from the stems will soak the paper. You can add to the affordability of this project and go to a craft store when there is a sale. Buy a few more flowers than you think you need so you can have a nice, full arrangement. You can use wire cutters to separate flowers that are in bunches.

You will also need scrapbooking scissors, glue, a hole punch, and tissue paper.

Now, begin assembly.

Using scalloped edged scrapbooking scissors, trim the top and one side of an 8 x 12 sheet of cardstock. Form the paper into a cone, so the edges meet. Use glue to secure the ends together. You can also use tape along the inside of the cone for added security. This step will probably take a few tries to get it exactly the way you like. During this time, you will be grateful you picked up those few extra sheets of cardstock!

Pew cone.

Now, poke two holes in the top, and weave through the ribbon. Do not tie the ends together until you are ready to secure the cones to the pews. This will ensure you get the right length. Also, trim every piece of ribbon evenly to let all the cones fall at the same length.

Once you reach the ceremony site, you can add in the flowers. A crumpled ball of tissue paper in the bottom of the cone will be useful to keep the flowers balanced and in place. There you go! Step back, admire your work, and enjoy your long awaited walk down the aisle.

About Rebecca: I am a native Virginian living in the Metro Atlanta area with my best friend/husband. My lifelong infatuation with weddings escalated when I planned my May 2013 wedding. I am so excited to have a creative outlet in Weddingbee to share my obsession now that my wedding planning days are over.  You can usually find me posing as a foodie in the kitchen, on YouTube watching sprees, or fishing with my husband.  My favorite things include: house hunting, 90’s music and television, the color yellow, and large cups of coffee. Follow me on Google

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