The Best Ways to Sell Secondhand Wedding Items

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There’s a moment that every couple experiences after their wedding day. It happens after the beautiful ceremony, the delicious cake, the unforgettable honeymoon. It happens as they’re getting back to reality, starting life as a married couple. Inevitably, one will turn to the other and say, “Why the heck do we have 70 votive candle holders?”

Well, maybe it won’t happen exactly like that. But many couples discover that planning their dream wedding led to a lot of purchases they don’t need anymore. What do you do with all the leftover decor…or even items like your wedding dress? You could store them somewhere—or you could make a few bucks by selling them!

There are many websites out there designed for newlyweds to sell their secondhand wedding items. If you want to clear out space in your home (and even help another couple save money on their special day), you might want to check out these sites.


Tradesy is an online marketplace that allows users to sell their pre-owned designer goods, which makes it a great place to offload your wedding leftovers. On Tradesy you can list decor, clothing, jewelry, and even glassware. It’s a perfect place to sell your high-end extras.

Of course, it’s important to read the fine print whenever you use a new service, and Tradesy is no exception. It’s free to set up an account and list items with Tradesy, but there are some fees that come along with making a sale and getting paid. According to their website, Tradesy takes a 19.8% commission on all items sold for $50 or more. If your item is marked under $50, their commission is a flat rate of $7.50, so keep this in mind when setting your prices. Also, the site charges a 2.9% transfer fee if you withdraw your earnings to another account (there’s no charge for using your earnings to purchase other items off the site).

Still White

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When a bride puts on her wedding dress, she knows that this will be the one and only time she wears it. After the wedding, the dress will be preserved (or in some cases, simply stuck in a garment bag) and placed in the back of her closet, not to be unpacked again…

If this idea doesn’t sit right with you, give your wedding dress a chance to make another bride’s day! Still White is a site specifically for selling wedding gowns. It offers a wide selection of dresses, organized by designer, size, price, and even dress condition! Still White does not take a commission on dress sales, which means you can keep all the sweet green you earn (minus shipping costs). However, they do require a listing fee; for $20, you can create a listing for your dress, while $30 gives you more premium options like additional photo slots and a promotion on the site home page.


This website might not be bridal-specific, but you can’t argue that it’s the champion of online resales. Listing your wedding items on eBay will get you tons of potential eyeballs—and it’s incredibly easy to do! Millions of people already use this site to sell used items, so if you’re already familiar with eBay’s selling process they might be your best bet. On eBay, all users get 50 free listings each month. If you have more than 50 items to sell, don’t worry; additional listings are only 30 cents each. The site does collect a fee once your stuff sells, which is about 10% of the total sale amount (up to a max of $750).


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If you really want to get rid of your wedding extras, you’ll want to make sure this stuff sells. The easiest way to do this is by going to the largest marketplace for used wedding items: BravoBride. This site is a great place to sell your dress, centerpieces, cake toppers, linens, and a whole lot more.

It’s free to list an item on BravoBride, and you can keep your listing active until the item is sold, however long that takes. But if you want to speed things up, you can pay a fee for promotion on the site. $4.95 gets you a “highlighted listing,” while $9.95 will get you a featured spot on the homepage and top billing in buyer searches.

Everyone has different needs—some may want to get the best price possible, while others just want to get rid of stuff crowding up their closet—and each site provides a different benefit or drawback depending on your situation. If you decide to sell your wedding extras, take a little time to decide which site is right for you. This way, you can help other couples out there and get the most bang for your buck!

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