The Bohemian Bouquet

DIY Bohemian Bouquet for Brides

So, you’re having a bohemian style wedding? I feel like this style is very trendy right now, which is great if you’re on a budget because it can be done pretty cheaply! It’s also easy to make bohemian crafts look fancy (like something from Anthropologie). I’m not promising Anthropologie store windows (if you don’t know, they’re extremely artsy and cool). But! I do promise that this bohemian bouquet will have a casual, “anything goes” vibe.

purple and green bohemian bouquet

In this bohemian-inspired wedding bouquet, I’ve chosen to use flowers I cut myself. My cousin lives in the country and has a beautiful assortment of greens and spring flowers, and she was kind enough to let me use them. However, if you’re going this route as well, my advice is to either wait until the last minute to cut your plants, or do it no sooner than the day before and keep them in water. Be realistic if you do this. Some flowers will hold up better than others. For instance, I noticed the ferns I picked faded almost instantly. Of course, if you get your flowers wholesale, shipped and preserved, then you don’t have to worry.


  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire (optional)
  • Corsage pins
  • Ribbons
  • Flowers and greens

flowers and floral tape


Step 1: Take your flora and clean the bottom halves. You want to pull all the leaves and flowers off where the stems will be squished together.

purple flowers for a bouquet

Step 2: Gather a couple of flower stalks and greens in your hand. I suggest at this phase grabbing a couple different types of flowers and greens. Also, I would start with any flower that is two pronged since this beginning bunch will form the middle.

purple white and green bohemian bouquet

Step 3: After you’re satisfied with the look of your beginning bunch, begin wrapping floral tape around it. Start this at the top of your stems and wrap a few times until secure. Don’t cut the tape; we’re going to continue wrapping as we go along.

closeup of wedding bouquet

Step 4: Add more flowers and maybe a couple greens. This begins the phase where we build up the second layer of the bouquet. So you want to think of it like this: center, second layer, outer layer. Hopefully, you can begin to see the shape your bouquet will take and you like where it’s headed.

making a bridal bouquet

Step 5: Wrap your tape around the entire bunch, working your way slightly down the stems. You’re essentially mummy-wrapping all your plants together with one continuous tape strand.

wrapping bouquet with floral tape

Step 6: Start on your outer layer with mostly greens and maybe a couple of flowers. Good flowers to stick in the outer edge are ones that tend to droop or hang in an artful way.

finished purple and green organic bouquet

Step 7: Once you like your outer layer, wrap your stems with floral tape a few times and cut the tape. It should be sticky so you can stick the tape to itself. At this point your whole bouquet should feel secure. If it doesn’t and you don’t want to bulk the stems with layers of tape, you can use floral wire. Wrap it around just like you would the tape, twisting and tucking the ends. This should make any bouquet secure.

closeup of green bouquet

Step 8: Grab your ribbon. Wrap it around your stems, over the floral tape. Wrap as far down as looks good to you. Cut your ribbon and fold the end under.

bridal bouquet wrapped in blue ribbon

Step 9: Take your corsage pins and stick them through the ribbon where it’s folded under. I thought two looked nice, and they held the ribbon perfectly.

blue ribbon wrapped bouquet

Step 10: Grab all the ribbons you want to trail down from your bouquet. Gather them together and cut at different lengths to add interest. Tie them around your stems.

finished bohemian bridal bouquet

If you’ve followed along, you should have a loose, flowing, beautiful bouquet. Hopefully, you found this to be fairly simple. However, I would definitely suggest practicing before your wedding day. It can be a little weird at first to hold everything in your hand all at once. But I have to say, the best thing about these bouquets is it seems the more you mess up, the more bohemian and beautiful they look.

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