The Pros and Cons of a Boudoir Shoot

A bride at a boudoir photo shoot wrapped in a veil.

Planning a wedding means paying attention to so many little details, and one of those that needs to be thought through is whether you want to give your partner a special gift on the day of. While many couples opt not to give one another anything at all, some brides decide to give their partner an intimate gift in the form of a boudoir shoot. This is a deeply personal gift, and many brides struggle with the idea of doing so. With that being said, there are certainly pros and cons to partaking in this type of photo shoot at such a special time in a bride’s life.

Pro: It’s a Special Gift

The photos from a boudoir shoot make for such a special gift for your partner on your wedding day. It’s so deeply personal, and it’s a symbol of you giving yourself completely to your soon-to-be spouse. The photos can be easily made into a gift by putting printed copies into an album or having a photo book digitally made. It’s definitely something that will be a surprise and that will be treasured by a groom far past the wedding day.

Con: It Can Be Expensive

If you’re opting to go with a professional photographer for this photo shoot, you’re bound to shell out some cash for it. This will come at a time when money will also have to be spent elsewhere to pay for the wedding. Besides the cost of the shoot, you’ll also want to consider the potential costs of clothing or accessories, as well as whether you’ll want to get your hair and makeup professionally done. Be sure to consult your budget prior to committing to a boudoir shoot to ensure that it’s feasible financially. If you can’t swing it in conjunction with paying for the wedding, consider doing it as a first anniversary gift instead. Photographs are a clever gift for the occasion since traditionally a first anniversary is commemorated with a “paper” present.

Pro: It Captures a Special Time in Your Life

A bride wearing lingerie at a boudoir photo shoot.

Your time as a bride is undoubtedly a special one, and a boudoir shoot is a great way to commemorate this time in your life. It’s also a great way to capture how you looked and felt at this time of your life. You’ll love looking back at these personal snapshots as time goes on and you reflect on your days as a blushing bride.

Con: It May Be Uncomfortable

Especially if you’re particularly modest, you may find a boudoir shoot to be uncomfortable. Since these shoots are trademarked to be sexy and intimate, you just may not be comfortable with the vibe. If the idea of doing something so personal is off-putting, you should really weigh whether you’ll feel comfortable and confident enough to go through with the boudoir photo shoot before you schedule it.

Pro: It Can Be Motivating to Get into Shape

The idea of doing a photo shoot with barely any clothes on could motivate you to look your best for the shoot. This may mean that it pushes you to get healthier and in great shape. Planning a boudoir shoot could be the extra motivation you need to put the work in toward looking extra toned for your wedding day.

Con: Other People May See the Photos

A bride wearing white lingerie and holding a bouquet at a boudoir shoot.

Many people who take boudoir photos do not want anyone besides their future spouse to see the photos given their personal nature. However, once they’re out there, it’s important to keep in mind that they could potentially be seen by others. Especially if you have printed copies, keep in mind that they could be accidentally stumbled upon by someone other than your partner. If this thought is completely mortifying to you, you might want to reconsider having the photo shoot to begin with.

Pro: It’s Fun!

Being able to celebrate your body and the intimacy you will have with your spouse for the rest of your lives is truly something special. Participating in such a photo shoot is a fun way to commemorate this notion. It’s also fun to choose some special outfits, get dolled up, and feel like a model during the shoot itself. Find a photographer you feel comfortable with and you’ll end up feeling great, enjoying the process, and getting a giant confidence boost.

Boudoir shoots are a special way to do something intimate for your new spouse and to commemorate a special time in your life, but thinking through the pros and cons associated with the idea before going through with it is a must.

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