Think Green: Clever Ideas for Using Birdseed


More and more brides are thinking about how to be more ecologically minded when it comes to their big day. One great way to do that and give something back to the environment is in using the materials around you. Think about what you can give back to the earth after your big day is done. One great material to use, which is often overlooked, is birdseed. It is not only beautiful but also diverse.

The basics

Birdseed is an inexpensive material. If you want to be very DIY you can also make it from scratch. This way you can control the colors that come in your birdseed. The most common type of seeds contained in birdseed are safflower, sunflower, wheat, canary seed, hemp, thistle seed, green split peas, whole peas, yellow split peas, corn, and millet. Birdseed colors tend to be browns, yellows and greens. These are gorgeous colors for eco-friendly weddings. If however you are looking for alternative colors you can also add pomegranate seeds or cranberries for a beautiful red addition to your decorations. Just be sure to check what seeds are safe for birds before adding them to your mix.

The size and shape of your birdseed décor can vary from small to large. You can make favors for each guest, create decorations for your ceremony or reception, or create unique table numbers. Silicone molds tend to work best for this project, as they are flexible, but metal molds can also be used.

Idea 1: Table numbers

One of my favorite ideas is to use a bunt pan and make table numbers. The shapes of these pans vary from simple to ornate. There are a bunch of different recipes available online for this project. One of the best recipes for this project would use flour, water, unflavored gelatin, corn syrup and your birdseed.

Birdseed 1

Follow these steps to make your own:

Step 1: Spray the inside of the mold with either non-stick spray or wipe it down with vegetable oil.

Step 2. Mix all of the ingredients well then add birdseed.

Step 3: Press the mixture into the mold. Let the mix dry. For best results let dry overnight.

Birdseed 4

Step 4: Slide them out and place on a rack to finish drying.

Birdseed 7

Step 5: Tie a ribbon around the middle to hang or use an easel to prop up the circle.

Step 6: Place a wooden or cardstock number in the center. These can then be your table numbers.


Fun alternatives to traditional table numbers is placing photos or objects in the center and using these as table names. You can customize these decorations in a million different ways.

Idea 2: Favors

Using the same ingredients, you can also make smaller favors for each guest by using smaller molds. Silicone ice trays work wonderfully.

Birdseed 5

The molds can be anything from round, heart, even bird shaped. The options are endless. Let dry and voila, individual favors. One option for presentation is to place a hole in the top using something like a small wooden dowel, chopstick or straw. Do this before the molds dries.

Birdseed 6

Tie natural twine or colored ribbon with a gift tag to say thank you. Another option is to place the twine or ribbon in the seed mix before drying.


There are things you might want to consider when deciding on this project. One is it can be time consuming. This is true especially if you are creating individual favors. It makes the perfect project to enlist the help of your bridesmaids. Two, these are fresh decorations. Just like flowers they have a shelf life. Make the favors or decorations as close to the wedding as possible. If you complete them to early, they can develop mold. They should be kept in a cool, dry place and turned every couple of days to ensure this does not happen. One option, to help them last longer, is to freeze them. The average shelf life for this creation is about two months.

This project is a great way to add a unique and special touch to your day. With the rustic colors, eco friendliness and different feeling of these favors and decorations you know lovebirds of all ages will appreciate them.

 About Kristin: I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a dual Bachelors degree in 2008. I then started working in the nonprofit sector doing event planning. After planning my own wedding in 2010 I discovered a passion for weddings and have been a freelance planner ever since. I am also the owner and operator of Kristi’s Confections, a specialty cake and confections company. I live in South Florida with my husband and 1-year-old daughter. Follow me on Google

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