Tree Cookie Candle Centerpiece

Tree cookie votive candle holder

Sometimes the best wedding crafts are the simplest ones. Within all the crazy planning, finding a venue, asking your party, figuring out catering, and trying not to go crazy, when the heck are you going to have time to create a bunch of the really detailed crafts that your Pinterest board is full of? Of course, you can always ask for assistance from family and friends or even your wedding party, and spending afternoons making crafts can make for a great bonding experience. However, some people just don’t have time. These rustic tree cookie candle holders are so quick and easy to put together, you’ll be able to craft them yourself in no time, crazy planning schedule and all. This is one of those projects that looks cute at the end, but isn’t super frustrating to make. So get your supplies, your creative drive, and let’s get to work!


  • 2 tiny tree cookies
  • 3 small tree cookies
  • Hot glue
  • Craft moss
  • Votive candle
  • Sheet (optional)
Tree cookie materials

Step 1

Lay your materials out on a flat, clean surface like a table. You might consider putting a sheet down underneath your project if you’re worried about making a mess with glue. Set the two smaller tree cookies aside for the time being and place one of your larger pieces flat on the table. Glue another larger cookie to its side, standing upright.

Tree cookie step one

Step 2

Wait for the hot glue to dry and then turn your project so you can place another tree cookie opposite of the first.

Tree cookie step two

Step 3

Create the last two sides of your candle holder by filling in the two empty gaps left over with your tiny tree cookies you set aside earlier. Glue them to the base, upright, just as you’ve been doing. You should now have a holder that looks like the picture below.

Tree cookie candle holder

Step 4

Time to give it a more rustic feel. Take your craft moss and carefully glue it to the base tree cookie on the inside of the candle holder, ensuring the green side is up.

Tree cookie candle holder moss

Step 5

Insert votive candle and enjoy! Depending on the specific candle you use, you can dress up or dress down your centerpiece easily. Just make sure you have an idea of size before you buy anything, as your exact proportions will vary based on your specific tree cookies.

The end result is very rustic chic and it goes along perfectly with any outdoor or barn wedding, or even for some wedding ideas that feature nature like a Snow White theme. These candle holders would look really cool in varying sizes too. Imagine a large tree cookie candle holder surrounded by smaller ones. The sky’s the limit on these babies and since they’re so easy, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to add additional embellishments or other types of décor. For example, consider transferring images to the outside of the tree cookies; maybe pictures of you and your beloved? The possibilities are endless and the effort minimal. You’re only limited by your creativity. Enjoy!

Votive candle lit

Tree cookie candle holder

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