Use Dried Flowers at Your Fall or Winter Wedding

Dried flowers can add a beautiful touch to any wedding, no matter the season, but they add an especially rustic and appropriate aesthetic to fall and winter weddings. If you’d like to learn how to dry flowers for your upcoming wedding, follow these simple instructions.


Flowers are often integral to a wedding’s décor. From the bridal bouquet all the way to the table settings, the flowers chosen for a wedding often reflect the bride’s specific tastes and help to set the stage aesthetically for the wedding event she has created in her mind. But if you’re getting married during the fall or the winter, you might want to take a more rustic approach to your flowers for a wedding during this time. Maybe you want to try to only use things that are in season for your wedding, maybe you simply don’t want to pay more for flowers that are out of season, or maybe you like the rustic look dried flowers can offer a fall or winter wedding. Regardless of your reasons, drying flowers in advance for your fall or winter wedding is a crafty and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your wedding’s floral arrangements.

If you’d like to dry flowers for your fall or winter wedding, follow these steps:

1. Plan in advance. Having a collection of dried flowers around for your fall or winter wedding requires forethought above all else. You’ll want to plan all of the types of flowers you would like to dry before you procure them. You might want to do some research so that you can first get a feel of what each different type of flower looks like dried before you make your decision. You also might want to learn about how different types of flowers tend to hold up when dried.

2. Get your flowers! Once you’ve decided on the types of flowers you would like to dry for your fall or winter wedding, it’s time to procure them! Do you want to buy your flowers in bulk from a place like Whole Foods? Do you want to pick your own wildflowers? Make a decision about where you’ll get your flowers from (if you have access to a lot of wildflowers, go for it!).

3. Arrange your flowers. I recommend arranging your flowers in advance. That way you won’t have to damage the dried flowers as much down the road by trying to arrange them once they are already stiff and dry. Think through where you’ll want these dried flowers at your wedding and the types of containers you’ll use for them. Perhaps your table settings will just have small vases, so you should make several small flower arrangements? Perhaps you’d like to have one very large dried flower arrangement at the wedding’s entrance? Think through the different places you would like to see your dried flowers so that you can arrange and dry as effectively as possible. Note: you can arrange your flowers after they are dried, you will just need to be a little bit more careful with them.

4. Dry your flowers. Strip your flowers of their leaves and prepare them for air-drying, which is one of the easiest ways to dry flowers. Hang your flowers upside down in a dark area that is dry. Keep your flowers at least a few feet away from the ceiling. You might want to consider air-drying your flowers in an unused closet or other windowless room – even a basement can work if it is not too damp. You can hang a line and suspend the flowers from it.

5. Wait. It will take a few weeks to air-dry your flowers. Check on them periodically and remove them from the drying room when you are happy with the result.

Once your flowers are dried, you can get them ready for their debut at your wedding!

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