Watercolor Name Tags

These watercolor name tags are super cute and easy to do and would be something fun for you and your hubby to do. They are a simple way to add a pop of your favorite colors and personalization to the dining tables at your wedding reception.


I have always loved watercolor paintings. I was thinking of some way to incorporate watercolor into weddings and then “ta-da” – watercolor name tags. The more and more I thought of it the more I loved the idea. I am always trying to find ways to incorporate wedding colors into the decor and this is the perfect way to add just a splash!

What you will need:

Watercolor Paper (sold at most retail stores)

Watercolor Paint (does not matter what brand)

Paint Brushes

Black Ink Pen



First and foremost, this is a very messy project so you might want to keep some paper towels nearby. If the watercolor paint does get on anything the only thing you will need to do is to apply water and scrub it off. This paint is one of the most forgiving.

Step 1. Lay the watercolor paper down on a flat surface. It is important to lay it on a flat surface so that the water and paint will not drip off because, believe me, you will have a very colorful mess. You will need to draw guidelines on the smooth side of the paper to make it easier to cut at the end. The guidelines should have a width of 4 inches and a length of 3 inches. After that, put paper towels down on the flat surface and then put the watercolor paper rough side faced up.

Step 2. Take a wide paintbrush and completely cover the paper. Thicker and wider paint brushes work best because they will help you cover the paper with water quicker. The wetter the paper is the better the colors will spread. Then you will need to use a smaller paint brush and dab the paper with one of the colors you have chosen. The paint should spread by itself, but if it does not, dip the paint brush you just used in the container of water and dab it on the paper again. After you are finished putting the first color on do the exact same thing with the colors you have chosen. It does not matter how many colors you choose to use.

image(4)Step 3. After the paper is covered with the colors leave that paper on that spot for an hour. It’s important to leave the paper in the spot you painted it because it will be very wet and could easily rip. Also, the paint may drip off the sides. The paper needs to be completely dry before you can do the next steps.


Step 4. After the paper is dry you will need to cut along the guidelines we drew in step 1. After you cut all the pieces out, fold them into equal halves. Then unfold and write down the name of the attending family/friends. After that, fold it back into the halves and it will prop itself up. You now have your very own personalized watercolor name tag for your wedding!


(Follow the steps over and over until you get the amount of name tags you need for your wedding.)


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