Make Your Own Wedding Video

Make Your Own Wedding Video

make your own wedding video

Do you want to capture your wedding on video, but your budget is too tight to hire a videographer? Getting video of your special day isn’t something that has to break the bank. It’s completely DIY-able—and something a lot of brides-to-be overlook as an affordable memento. Keep reading to find out how to make your own wedding video.

While planning our wedding, my fiance (now husband) and I were torn—we had enough money in our wedding budget for either a professional photographer or a professional videographer, but definitely not both. After a lot of discussion, we decided we’d rather have professional photographs than a video, so we sprung for a photographer. Not willing to completely give up the idea of having video from our wedding, I got to thinking about a low-cost way to have it all.

Here’s how we did it and how you can make your own wedding video.

I began scouring eBay and Craigslist for Flip Cams—those pocket-sized video cameras that were all the rage a few years ago. I was able to find them in good condition for about $10 a piece. (They didn’t have to be new; after all, I only needed them to be good enough to use once.) I purchased 15 Flip Cams in total.

I figured Flip Cams were perfect because they were so simple to use. One button starts and stops recording, and that’s it. I typed up instructions and printed them super small (but still large enough to read) and used packaging tape to affix the instructions to each camera. Here’s what they said:

Record a video of our wedding! Here’s what you need to know:

  • The power button is located on the upper right edge.
  • The record button is the red, round button (it will begin & end recording).
  • When you’re done, pass to someone else. At the end of the night, please return the camera to the “Flip return” basket.
  • Thank you!

Easy for anyone to understand, right?

The key step to make your own wedding video: On the night of our wedding, we made sure we gave the Flip Cams to guests we knew we could trust to get some good video of the night, with the instructions to take some video, then pass the cameras to other guests, who would then pass them on, and so on. I had a designated Flip Cam return basket for guests to place the cameras in at the end of the night.

flip cam return basket

The day after the wedding, my husband and I plugged the Flip Cams into a computer and relished in watching the short, quick videos our guests had taken of our wedding. While watching each one, we realized something: these videos were much more personal—and fun—than what we would have received from a professional videographer.

Note: If you want to make this an even more inexpensive project—but don’t mind a little extra work—you could encourage guests to take videos of your wedding on their phones. You can set up a DropBox or Google Drive folder in which guests can upload their videos. The main downside to this method to make your own wedding video is actually getting guests to share their videos once your big day is over. It could prove to be quite a large task to track down all the videos after the event!

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