Beachy Candle Holders

Candle 11

Create something new out of something old; shiny and new beach themed candle holders out of your old used up candles!

I love candles, they’re great. Old used up and crusty candle jars? Not so great. I’ve decided to show you a cheap way for you to create table pieces for your beach themed wedding out of these used up candles. I’m all about being environmentally friendly and reusing is a great way to be just that. This project involves a tiny bit of elbow grease and some creativity, but I know you can handle it!


  • An old candle container (a new container works too)
  • Sand
  • Beach glass
  • Feathers
  • Small votive candles
  • Assorted beach stuff (shells and stones)

Candle 1

Step 1: Stick your old candle container in the freezer for a few hours.

Candle 2

Step 2: Grab a butter knife and pry the candle wax away from the sides of the container. Continue to scrape out the wax until most has been chipped away. Peel off any stickers on your container.

Candle 3

Step 3: Use your strength and some soap and water to scrub out whatever little bits are left in your container.

Candle 4

Step 4: Fill your container with sand to a little bit below the halfway point.

Candle 5

Step 5: Place your candle in your container, pushing it about halfway into your sand. This way it will be nice and secure. We don’t want any rogue flames on your day!

Candle 6

Step 6: Begin placing your beach glass in an attractive way along the edge of your container.

Candle 7

Step 7: Put your feather in your container. Make sure you stick the pointy end a good way into your sand. I learned quickly that the wind will show you just how aerodynamic feathers are. In other words, the feather will fly away with all your hopes and dreams of creating this project.

Candle 8

Step 8: Use your creative judgement and place into your container the rest of your beachy items. I’ve chosen a piece of fossilized coral.

Candle 9

Candle 10

That’s pretty much it! Feel free to play around with this. The candle holder plus themed items idea can go as far as you want it too. You can use other items like starfish or small pebbles; it’s really up to you. This project was so fun I made two! I thought it’d be good to show you how the beach accessories can be changed up and how different containers look together. Pretty good for what used to be an old whatsit who purely took up space in your closet and if lit smelled like old fireworks.

Candle 11

I’ve also included a shot of them in the dark. These babies aren’t just for show; they are fully functional. Just make sure your feathers are a good space apart from your candle and anything else flammable for that matter; you know, fire safety and all that. Another idea could be to set these candle holders on the ground along your aisle or path at your reception to help guests see in dimly lit areas. Whatever it is you do with them, they will surely add style to your already stylish and beautiful beach wedding.

Candle 12


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