4 Ideas for Crafting a Drinking Glass Out of a Mason Jar


While planning a wedding, the devil is always in the details. The big and obvious focal points demand careful attention, like your wedding venue and dress, but the choices you make for small items throughout your wedding will also have a lasting effect on your overall memories of your wedding. The way in which you choose to present beverages at your wedding is no exception. But you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for drink containers that appeal to your wedding style. And thus, I present to you: the seemingly endless uses for mason jars.

Mason jars are great for adding a rustic touch to almost anything. You’ll achieve this look by using them to organize your bathroom toiletries (think cotton balls!), general home décor (they make excellent vases), and most certainly your wedding beverages. Mason jars get the rustic look right all on their own, but you can also spruce them up a bit so that they fit in perfectly with your wedding theme. Explore different jar sizes depending on your needs. Very large jars might be good for a beverage presentation for all of the guests whereas more traditional medium sized jars may be good evenly distributed throughout your reception tables. Smaller mason jars are a great option for individual glasses.

Here are just a few ideas for taking the jar to the next level:

1. Apply Glitter. Try using glitter paint or applying glitter onto glass-specific glue on your mason jars. You can apply this glitter in a shape of your choosing (a heart or star perhaps?) or you can choose to simply apply the glitter to the bottom half of the jar or a band around the middle of jar. Glitter isn’t the most obvious choice for a rustic look, so if you go with this option, consider choosing bohemian colors like gold, silver, turquoise, or deep red.

2: Add Fabric. Adding a swath of vintage lace, burlap, or an old fabric with a great print is a perfect way to solidify the rustic appeal of your mason jars at your wedding. This task can be simple – you can just wrap the respective fabric around the jar and tie a bow to secure the fabric in place – or you can take a bit more time to adhere the fabric with a glass-specific glue.

mason jars drink glasses

3. Use Chalkboard Paint. Try painting on your jars with chalkboard paint and then, once the paint is dry, using the chalkboard area of the glass to write anything from the type of drink to the names of specific guests. You can use regular chalk for this or get your hands on some chalk ink, which seems easier to use to me.

4. Use Acrylic Paint. A coat of easy-to-use and cheap acrylic paint, especially if roughly painted, adds a great DIY and rustic touch to mason jars. Consider using colors from your overall wedding theme or pick a single color and paint the jars in different shades of that color (this can easily be accomplished by adding white to the paint for each jar for color tones that increase in lightness).

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