Boho Beach Crowns

Crown 24

There’s something so beautiful about the ocean or any large body of water. I can’t imagine a better backdrop for committing to the one you love. Besides the view and overall atmosphere, beach weddings have so much DIY potential. The awesome scenery provides a jumping point from which truly amazing décor can be created. What better way to pay homage to the beach than with boho beach-themed crowns?


  • Medium Flat elastic
  • Beachy Fabric
  • Seashells
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Beads (strung & regular)
  • Silk flowers
  • Small fake branches
  • One small ribbon bow
  • Whatever misc. accessories you’d like to include

Crown 1

You’ll notice I’ve included a miscellaneous material in the list. That’s because these headbands can really be changed up and made to be more or less ornate with more or less materials. It’s really up to you! For instance, I’ve used silk flowers and fake branches. I’ve also used what was freely available and because of where I live, that means lake shells, but you can use any kind of shells including ones bought from a craft store. Also, don’t be afraid to go colorful if that better fits your theme. I’ve decided to go with mostly soft tones for a natural look on the main headband, but colorful crowns can go just as well with a beachy feel. Once you’ve decided on the overall look and materials, you can go ahead and get started.

Step 1: Measure your elastic to your head. Remember to leave some extra room so you can glue the band together later; you don’t want your headband to become too tight.

Step 2: Grab your fabric and measure out enough to cover your elastic. Once you’ve measured, cut the fabric.

Crown 2Crown 3

Crown 4

Step 3: Lay your elastic in the middle of your fabric piece and heat up your hot glue gun. Hot glue your fabric together, covering the elastic entirely apart from a small piece at each end.

Crown 5

Crown 6

Step 4: Glue your ends together. Be generous with the glue. If you use a good amount, the headband can withstand lots of pulling and tugging without coming apart.

Crown 7

Crown 8

Step 5: Find the center of your headband or where you want the main focal point to be. Begin gluing seashells on the band in your center.

Crown 9

Crown 10

Step 6: Continue gluing on the seashells until you are happy with the look.

Crown 11

Step 7: Take your fake branches and glue beads onto them. Glue your branches onto your headband.

Crown 12

Crown 13

Step 8: Measure your strung beads and glue the pieces onto your headband to create a dangling effect. Place them so the beads will rest on the forehead when worn.

Crown 14

Step 9: Glue silk flowers onto the headband placing them on either side of the seashell focal point. Continue gluing pieces of shell and accessories until satisfied with the look.

Crown 15

Now we’ll move on to the wedding party’s headbands. For this look, I’ve created something a little simpler. I’ve kept a similar look, using many of the accessories used in the main hair piece so they’re cohesive, but not quite as ornate.

Step 1: Measure your strung beads around the head leaving yourself room to glue the piece together. Lock beads together and glue to get a circular piece.

Crown 16

Step 2: Cover your connection point with a bow.

Crown 17

Step 3: Measure more bead pieces to create a similar draping effect as with the main crown. You should have two lengths of beads that when glued to your original piece, drape across the forehead in two loops.

Crown 18

Crown 19

Step 4: In the middle of your two loops, glue your shells.

Crown 20

Crown 21

Step 5: Glue a silk flower behind your shells.

Crown 22

And in the slap of a dolphin’s tail you’re done with your project. I think these headpieces are a perfect way to embellish any beach wedding. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and they make you feel beachy keen!

Crown 23

Crown 24

Crown 25

Crown 26


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