Bridesmaid Earrings


This super easy DIY wedding gift is fashionable, fun, and infinitely customizable. The earrings that I’m teaching you to make will match my cousin’s bridesmaid dresses perfectly. Change up the color scheme of the beads and/or wire (e.g. silver instead of gold) and, presto! You have picture perfect jewelry that matches your wedding, yet can also be worn in the future, regardless of the formality of the occasion.


  • Standard Beading Set – crimp tool, needle nose pliers, wire cutters
  • Large and small beads – in your wedding colors, of course!
  • Earring hooks – commonly called Fish Hook style
  • Beading wire – for this particular project, you need the thicker, sturdier wire (.25 approximately)

1 (1)

That’s it! You need four materials for this project. All of them are readily available in the beading section of most craft stores and always available online. Make sure you have a clean, widespread surface available as a workspace, and lay out a fluffy towel to work on. It may sound silly, but it will keep your beads from rolling around the table while you’re trying to work.

Step 1:

Assess how big you want the hoops of the earrings to be, then cut your wire accordingly.


Pro Tip: If you want consistency throughout your project, cut all of these at the same time. It’s much easier to simply cut them all at once when you have your original wire as a reference instead of guessing when you make the next set of earrings.

Step 2:

Place your beads on the wire in your desired pattern. I chose to fill half my wire. You can add more beads for a fuller look, but be careful to leave enough wire to finish off the project in the end.


Step 3:

Take the ends of the wire (leaving one slightly longer than the other) and twist them. The level of the twist can vary – normally it takes less than what is pictured, but that’s harder to see in photographs. After you’ve finished, take the slightly longer end and bend it into a hook. This will be how you attach the fish hook to the earring itself.

4 (1)

Step 4:

Take the needle nose pliers and close the wire around the fish hook. This will seal in your work and prevent the earring from falling off, so make sure it’s tight! Wire can slip out of a relatively small gap, so if you want to rest easy, you can even loop your wire completely around the bottom of your earring hook.

5 (1)

And you’re finished! Give the earrings to your girls and watch them sparkle. These earrings are versatile, being able to be worn to a formal event (a wedding, perhaps?), the office, out on the town, or in daily wear. Your bridal party will thank you for these, and they’ll look great as they stand up with you on your special day.


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