Coat Hanger Cake Topper


Recently I saw some adorable graphic cake toppers and of course I immediately wanted to create an easy DIY for them. After some brainstorming I figured wire hangers could work perfectly for this project. Of course, if you don’t have wire hangers lying around you can go buy them. They’re inexpensive and the ones you don’t use for the project you can use to help organize your clothes. If your clothing collection is anything like mine, a little organization would be helpful regardless. So how do we get started on this cake topper? First gather your materials.


  • Wire coat hangers
  • Pliers (Needle nosed and wire cutter)
  • Spray Paint (I used silver)
  • Glitter & Mod Podge (optional)

Topper 1

Step 1: Begin by taking your wire cutter pliers and cutting the wire hanger just below the neck.

If your wire isn’t cutting easily try not to get frustrated. Apply pressure to the pliers where you’d like to cut the wire and twist the pliers back and forth. Keep twisting and bend your wire at the cutting point and it should snap off. It may feel like you’re not accomplishing anything while twisting, but trust me you are!

Topper 2

Step 2: Now that your hanger is pulled apart it can be twisted and shaped. Flip your hanger upside down and straighten out the curved top (now the bottom) with your needle nosed pliers. This will serve as your bottom, aka the part that will stick into the cake.

Topper 4

Step 3: Twist a loop below where your word will take shape. This will give your topper a little flourish and a jumping point from which your word will spring.

Topper 5

Step 4: Choose a word or words to form and begin shaping your word in cursive. I’ve decided to shape mine into the word “love.” Form your first letter using the needle nosed pliers to gently encourage the wire to form the desired shape.

Topper 6

Step 5: Form your hanger into the next letter shape.

Topper 7

Step 6: Continue in this fashion until you’ve formed all your letters.

Topper 9

Topper 10

Topper 11

Topper 12

Step 7: Take your cupcakes and a toothpick, and gently drill a hole into the bottom through the liner.

Topper 13

Step 8: Grab your spray paint and spray your topper on a safe surface (cardboard works great).

Topper 14

Step 9: Paint the front and back of your topper. Allow your topper to dry fully before handling.

Topper 15

Your topper is done! Almost…You’re welcome to add embellishments to your topper if you like bling or feel it’s a little plain. I’ve taken the liberty of adding some glitter to mine. I just brushed on some Mod Podge, sprinkled some glitter over top, and voila!

Now it’s time to make yours. Have fun and don’t forget you can make yours however you’d like. You could do a different word or words. Just apply the same techniques and you should end up with something really special!

Topper 16



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