DIY Colorful Mason Jar Table Arrangements

Arrangement 5

Wedding flowers are so expensive, people usually either bite the bullet and spend the money or forgo them altogether which is a shame because flowers can really beautify a wedding. I think people are afraid of doing their own flower arrangements because the task seems so daunting. You don’t have to have any special skills to do this and you don’t need an exorbitant amount of time either, which is good because depending on how many tables you have, you may need quite a few arrangements. Have no fear, follow my steps, and I’m sure you’ll be on your way to a wonderful DIY flower-filled wedding!

Firstly, gather your materials. For this project you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • A colorful Mason jar
  • Greens
  • Flowers (regular and fill)

Arrangement 1

Have I lost you yet? Don’t feel overwhelmed by the materials list. Just get some type of greenery that blends well with your flowers. As far as flowers go, get a few regular sized flowers like roses and carnations. Fill flowers are just smaller flowers that help “fill” in your arrangement like mini carnations and daisies. Be sure to pick colors that complement each other. The greatest thing about this project is that you can change up the colors to fit your theme or taste and you can find a rainbow assortment of mason jars at your local craft store or online. OK, now that you’ve got everything together, let’s begin.

Arrangement 2

Step One: Fill your mason jar with water saving some room at the top.

You want to be careful with water levels in arrangements, if the water’s too high and petals and leaves sit in the water, the whole thing can go bad. Also, you want to make sure to have your water ready for your flowers. When they’re cut they get really thirsty so it’s best to put them into the water as quickly as possible. Make sure to cut each stem at least a little bit, that way your flowers are absolutely ready to suck up the water. This will keep your arrangement from wilting too fast.

Arrangement 3

Step Two: Place your greens in your jar as if you’re trying to cover the whole brim. This will create a circular effect that will serve as a base for your flowers. Wonderful, moving on.

Arrangement 4

Step Three: Take one regular sized flower and use this as your middle flower. Place it in the middle of the jar and cut it to be the tallest of the regular sized flowers. Now take the rest of your regular sized flowers and place them in the jar, spacing them out somewhat evenly. Cut them to different lengths and make sure they are shorter than the tallest flower.

Step Four: Almost there! All that’s left is to place your fill flowers in the gaps between your bigger flowers. You can play around with lengths until you have a nice looking arrangement. You be the judge, as long as the fill flowers can be seen, you’re on the right track.

Arrangement 5

Make your final touches and you should have a cute and colorful Mason jar arrangement. Now you can proudly say you did your own wedding flowers and it didn’t even send you into bankruptcy!

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