Create a Cupcake Tree

cupcake tree

Have you ever seen a dessert table at a wedding? They’re a great idea and can be so cute. Also, not everyone wants to eat cake so the table gives you a chance to provide different options. But what options should you provide? Cupcakes are an easy choice and mini cupcakes are especially great because they’re a little bit less of a commitment than a full piece of cake. While you’re at it, why not display your cupcakes with style? Read below, follow my steps and you too can have a cupcake tree to display proudly.

You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Tissue paper (assorted colors)
  • Toothpicks
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Styrofoam cone

Cupcake 1

Step 1: Place a medium sized piece of your tissue paper on the cone. Lightly begin to form the paper to the cone with your hands. This will make it easier to figure out where the folds should go in the next step.

Cupcake 2

Step 2: In order to get the paper to fit nicely around the cone, you’ll need to create folds so you can wrap the cone like you would a present.

Cupcake 3

Cupcake 4

Step 3: Go ahead and glue your paper together making sure it fits tightly to the cone. Glue all the way around.

Cupcake 5

Step 4: Begin with another medium sized piece of tissue paper underneath your cone. Fold in a similar fashion as before, making the folds necessary so the paper will fit tightly to the cone.

Cupcake 6

Cupcake 7

Cupcake 8

Step 5: Glue the paper together as you go while ensuring a tight fit. Continue gluing until you’re all the way around and your entire cone is covered with tissue paper.

Cupcake 9

Cupcake 10

Step 6: Grab your toothpicks and begin to stick them in your cone. Start by putting one in the very top and continue down your cone, spacing evenly.

A note about this step; make sure you insert the toothpicks so they’re angled slightly upwards. Also, be sure to leave a lot of toothpick sticking out. This way your cupcake is more likely to stay on your tree and fit securely. We don’t need any fallen fruit, that’s just wasteful!

Cupcake 11

Now we can move on to the cupcake phase. If your cupcakes have liners like mine, you won’t be able to just stick your cupcakes on your tree.

Step 7: Take your cupcakes and a toothpick, and gently drill a hole into the bottom through the liner.

Just keep twisting your toothpick against the bottom of the liner and apply light pressure; your toothpick should pop through the paper. This will be a huge help when applying your cupcakes to your tree.

Cupcake 12

Step 8: Carefully place your cupcakes on your tree.

If your cupcakes aren’t staying, a few things could be causing the issue. Your toothpicks could be stuck too far into your tree. The fix is simple; just pull your toothpicks out a bit. Your toothpicks are maybe angled too sharply. Readjust them to be less angled. Still not helping? Are you trying to squish your cupcake right up against your cone? It’s okay if your cupcake doesn’t sit right up against the cone. (This may be more difficult near the top as well). Just ensure your cupcake is secure. We’ll cover up what you can see of the toothpick later so don’t worry about that. Just get your cupcakes fitting as securely as possible.

Cupcake 13

Step 9: Set your tree aside carefully and grab a few complimentary tissue paper colors. Cut them into small squares, one fitting inside the other.

Cupcake 14

Step 10: Pinch the papers together in the middle. Your aim is to create a flower out of tissue paper.

Cupcake 15

Step 11: Keep pinching and twist to make the paper bunch together. Continue pinching and twisting until it looks like a flower. Once you have something you like, glue the bottom together.

Cupcake 16

Cupcake 17

Step 12: Create a bunch of flowers out of different colors.

Cupcake 18

By the way, you can customize this however you’d like. I’ve chosen a rainbow assortment of colors, but don’t have to stick to this color scheme. You don’t even have to use tissue paper flowers. A few other ideas that might work are: silk flowers, real flowers, broaches, gems, seashells, etc. That’s the beauty of these trees, they’re super customizable. So feel free to match your tree to your wedding colors or theme. It’s your forest!

Step 13: Create buds to accent your flowers. Take a tiny piece of tissue paper, pinch and twist just like the regular flowers until you have a bud.

Cupcake 19

Cupcake 20

Step 14: Take your flowers and buds and begin carefully gluing them onto your tree.

The goal here is to fill in the spaces in between your cupcakes. Use your judgment on where each on should go. Don’t be afraid to make more flowers and don’t get any glue on your cupcakes!

Cupcake 21

Step 15: Adjust until you’re satisfied with the look and admire your work.

You should have a beautiful tree that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of. Your guests will have fun picking the “fruits” off your tree and eating them. You may even enjoy the fruits of your labor as well. Too many tree puns? Fine, then just leaf!

Cupcake 22

Cupcake 23


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