Rethinking Wedding Party Gift Baskets

Are you tired of all the traditional, monogrammed wedding party gifts? Try making customized gift baskets! Here’s a how to create something fun and personal without breaking the bank.

Stylish Sunglasses, Chinese Fan and Picnic Basket on Blanket.

You’ve picked your wedding party—yay! They’ve been there for you through all the crazy ups and downs of wedding planning and now the big day is almost here and you want to give them a gift to show them how much you love and appreciate their help with and tolerance of the bridal insanity. But after looking at gift ideas, jewelry and monogrammed anything just don’t sound particularly appealing. What’s a bride to do?

The answer? Custom gift baskets!

Keep in mind, this isn’t your grandmother’s gift basket (unless your grandmother is in your wedding party). Gone are the expensive tins of designer foods that are better used as decoration than eaten as snacks. Here are some tips for creating memorable, personalized gift baskets for your wedding party.

Step 1 Choose the vessel. For simplicity’s sake, you can head to any craft store and pick up baskets—the fun stuff is what’s inside. Another option is to look around for an unconventional “basket.” Does one bridesmaid love the beach? Pick up a toy beach bucket and use that! Say another loves country music; you could head to a thrift shop and pick up an inexpensive pair of cowboy boots and use one (or both) to fill with goodies (note: if you go this route, you’ll want to Lysol the bejeezus out of the boot(s) first for sanitation’s sake).

32432Or… keep them for yourself?

Step 2 Consider the bridesmaid’s personality. Continuing with the country western bridesmaid, if her favorite country artist has a new album out, stick that in the boot. Say another loves Harry Potter—locate a Harry Potter-esque scarf from her favorite house at Hogwarts or, if you’re feeling crafty, knit one yourself.

Step 3 Include memories. Remember that time in college when you and your roommate had a contest to see how many Oreos you could eat without puking? Add in a pack of Oreos! Or what about how you and your sister used to love Jonathan Taylor Thomas as kids? Include a 90s-era photo of J.T.T.! This is part of what makes this so personalized; you’re celebrating your individual relationship with each member of your wedding party.

Step 4 K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple, Silly! Just because you’re going unconventional doesn’t mean these baskets have to break the bank. Second hand stores, a little craftiness, and an internet connection can help you find most of what you need.

Wedding planning is a busy time and this endeavor might seem like yet another massive item on the never ending to do list. But this project isn’t supposed to seem like another massive undertaking. Think of it as a fun mental break from the rest of the planning. Instead of worrying about flowers, dresses, and caterers, you’re spending time remembering that 3am trip to Walgreens when your college roommate drove you to buy hair dye because you accidentally dyed your hair orange. Or the time you and your best friend had to buy the world’s creepiest stuffed animal and took pictures with it for two hours.

Everyone does this, right?Everyone does this right?

The point is, as you’re embarking on this new phase of your life, it can be nice to stop and take time to celebrate some of your other relationships that have helped form you into the person you are. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the simple, traditional gifts but this can be a fun and funky alternative to tell your wedding party you love.


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